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Development and Production

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  Custom Solutions Services

Are you looking for custom instruments?
PCE Instruments custom design group provides instruments and test equipment for customers that is not available off the shelf. The Engineering team has been providing high-quality services to global customers since 1999. We can deliver solutions to customers that meet their requirements for features, cost, and schedule. Skilled engineers and technical staff make use of their knowledge and experience the development and design of new test equipment and test instruments. We will put our expertise to work for you to help specify, setup, integrate, and validate the measurement and inspection equipment you need.

PCE Instruments engineers, technicians, and sales agents, work hand-in-hand with the customer experts to clearly define the specifications to be sure that the final test instruments exceed expectations. We have our own PCE-branded test instruments series but we can also design and manufacture modified test equipment based upon customers special needs.

PCE uses long-term business relationships with high quality suppliers and qualified calibration laboratories to ensure the costumers not only get the equipment they need, but also professional services and post-sales technical support. Several cross-country co-operations with universities and technical institutions have proven to push huge achievements in development and production / manufacturing process. Let a PCE sales representative work with you on a cost-effective custom solution, please call us with your test equipment requirement.


Product development (design) of new test instruments

   Development and Production

Test equipment manufacturing and production in Germany.