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Gas warning technology for persons and plant protection.


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  Mobile gas detectors and fixed installation gas detectors

In mobile form as a portable gas detector or in stationary form as a permanently installed gas warning system - personal protection and the safeguarding of machinery and equipment, PCE Instruments offers both standard products as well as special customer-specific gas detection technology. Safety and protection of man and machine are in the foreground.

For more than a decade, PCE Instruments has been using Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd. equipment, systems and systems for gas detection. This English company belongs to HALMA plc (Process Safety).

The field of application of portable and stationary gas detection technology is essentially in the protection of persons and the protection of capital in the oil and gas production and supply and storage, steelmaking, water and wastewater treatment, the beverage industry and the maritime area. But even outside these core areas, there are always interesting, challenging tasks that our technicians and engineers successfully work on. For example, the control of fumigation plants to produce fruit ripeness.

Consultancy, project planning, commissioning, sales, installation, commissioning, maintenance, calibration, service, emergency care - a long list - but it's not just words - PCE Instruments looks after A-Z's customers.

Consulting / project planning / commissioning planning
At the forefront of these first planning, steps are the needs of the customer and the technical feasibility (observance of current guidelines and laws). Our technicians and engineers are familiar with most of the dangers of toxic or flammable gases, oxygen deficiencies or oxygen surplus that can be encountered in the processing of various industries and can suggest suitable solutions for the detection of these gases or vapors. The gas warning system is configured on the basis of the plans and information provided or, if necessary, by an on-site appointment at the relevant object.

Installation / Commissioning
Service engineers from PCE Instruments install the components, perform the cabling, and run test gas test gas. The stationary gas warning systems are commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines and the relevant regulations of the employers' liability insurance associations. (Leaflets T021 and T023). The calibration gases used by PCE for the commissioning and adjustment of the gas warning systems are adjusted in concentration to the measuring ranges as well as the individual needs and provided with a calibration certificate.

Maintenance / Calibration
Cleaning, maintenance and regular re-calibration of the gas detection technology are carried out by PCE Instruments at the factory in Freienohl or in the case of permanently installed systems at the customer's site. The devices calibrated by PCE have test seals that provide the customer with information about when the device was calibrated/serviced and when it needs to be recalibrated. Calibration or recalibration is carried out with certified calibration gases whose concentration is matched to the respective measuring range of the sensors.

Portable gas detectors

In addition, PCE Instruments will send reminders to the customer's contact person about 6 weeks before the calibration expires. Thus, in advance scheduling, possibly. Provision of loaner equipment for the calibration period or, in the case of stationary gas detection technology, maintenance and calibration appointments with our sales force.

Emergency service
Gas warning technology must be available. Whether handheld or stationary gas alarm. A defective device has no use. In some companies, the failure or defect of the gas warning technology leads to the shutdown of machinery and equipment.

This production loss sometimes costs enormous sums. In these cases, PCE Instruments advises always to use the design and planning to use a portable gas detector or a redundant gas detection system.

Since the point of economy in many cases does not allow a redundant design of the equipment, PCE Instruments offers a service that allows the customer within a few hours (depending on the location in Europe) to get a replacement device, which is commissioned by a service technician of PCE directly on site. However, this special offer requires an additional service contract with the customer.