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Manufacturing Monitoring on the shop floor or via remote control

Manufacturing Monitoring

Shop Floor Monitoring - Remote Monitoring. Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Monitoring.


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  Solutions for Manufacturing Process Monitoring

  HMI - User Interfaces

HMI - Process Monitoring Panels

Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Operator panels are an essential part of the manufacturing process monitoring in industrial production. They are especially designed for controlling and monitoring of processes in industry. The latest generation of HMI devices will replace the classical control panels and display devices in future. No matter what type of communication is required (fieldbus, Ethernet, serial ports), our operating units can be easily integrated into any network. PCE ever works independant, that means there are no special solutions which make customers dependant on PCEs products or monitoring solutions in future.

HMI - Process Monitoring Panels HMI - Process Monitoring Panels
     PCE-HMI Series / WHA Series

PCE Instruments offers some manufacturing monitoring solutions. Starting with measurement data collection, transmission, storage, visualization / monitoring to the control and regulation of manufacturing processes for your machines.

Solutions for measuring and tracking production data in realtime and displaying all information in the shop floor area, in headoffices or remote at any place not located in the plant.

The manufacturing process monitoring is an extra new quality by combining machines sensors and devices with remote visualization and control devices. Simplify your process and minimize the costs drastically.

Watch all manufacturing processes

  Industrial Routers / RTUs

Industrial routers for use in machine / manufacturing monitoring

For monitoring and control of equipment in decentralized production processes PCE Instruments offers RTUs. They offer the following advantages:

- Faster access control
- Short response times
- High travel cost saving
- Enable to manage data centrally

Technical data sheets relating to the RTUs are shown here:

Industrial RTUs Industrial RTUs
     PCE-WGD Series / eWon Series