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Condition Monitoring

The key to achieve industrial processes "par excellence": Minimization of downtime of machines and systems. The way: Condition Monitoring.


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  Condition Monitoring Solutions

   Online-Systems for Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring systems like vibration monitoring

Online condition monitoring systems are based on a history of data that is kept during phases of undisturbed machine and equipment operation. Trends of various machine parameters are stored / mapped continously.

Actual process deviations are compared to the historical data in machine analysis. As a result, the machine operators are automatically warned about developing misfunctions and are enabled to do minor repairs in the ongoing production process or the maintenance staff can prepare some works for planned (scheduled) machine shutdowns. Thus unplanned downtime or total failures of machinery and equipment and heavy financial losses can be avoided by continous condition monitoring.

Arrow Wireless Vibration Monitoring System
     PCE-VMS 504

Unscheduled downtimes of machinery and equipment decrease the processing times of products and services which in turn lead to higher production costs and potentially thousands of dollars lost in revenue.
How can you protect yourself from such downtimes? Our condition monitoring equipment offers solutions: During stable operations long-term data is collected and stored in an error-free data base. The analysis of the data allows for the prediction of impending component failures. With that, companies have the ability to plan ahead, schedule maintenance and avoid costly downtimes.
In short: Our condition monitoring tools increase the production equipment efficiency throughout the machine's life cycle.

Catalogue for maintenance and service Catalogue for maintenance and service

Condition Monitoring at turbines in industrial processes

  Handheld Tools for Condition Monitoring

Handheld Tools for Condition Monitoring like vibration meters, strobes, tachometers, etc.

To monitor the equipment in the production process PCE Instruments offers a series of handheld test equipment too. These tools offer the some advantages:

- Reliable measurements without spending large amounts of money.

- Only brief training of the employee or machine operator is required.

- No historical data is needed.

Have a look at the technical data sheets related to the handheld measurement instruments for condition monitoring:

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     Condition Monitoring Measuring Instruments

  Sensors for Condition Monitoring

Sensors for use in Condition Monitoring

Humidity (ambient), material moisture, temperature (machine surface or environmental), pressure, vibration, water parameters, to name only the most important parameters are recorded with sensors of PCE Instruments. Signal amplifiers and signal converters process and transform the data.
Afterwards the readings from the machine condition monitoring system (or handheld tool) are visualized in the control devices or local displays and monitors such as HMIs. The data is also used as a basis for remote maintenance.

Furthermore, all data can be provided as a web-based status monitoring. PCE offers equipment and solutions that can be used bi-directionally. Starting from pure status monitoring only, PCE Instruments provides remote control systems and remote services.

Arrow Sensors for use in condition monitoring at fix installed systems or adapted to handheld tools

   Optical Condition Monitoring

Optical Instruments / equipment for use in Condition Monitoring

Fix installed cameras at machines and systems enable machine monitoring and condition monitoring. This type of monitoring allows to control machine parts running in hidden places and / or in places where due to bad ambient conditions it is not possible for workers to check or to measure with handheld tools

For optical condition monitoring PCE uses four types of cameras: Borescope cameras, high speed cameras, high-resolution CCD cameras and thermal imaging cameras. These cameras are mainly fix installed. The machine status can be monitored visually from a machine operator located in the plant or from anywhere in the world (using the PCE cloud solution).

- Machine Monitoring without Limits -

Optical equipment for preventive maintenance Condition Monitoring via Cameras
     Visual Process Control

  Web-based Condition Monitoring

Web-based solutions for Condition Monitoring

Intelligent measurement and control systems in combination with web technology allow fast and secure data transmission. Early alarming (regardless of the location) avoids unplanned downtime of machinery and equipment.

For example in case of energy monitoring: Current sensors and current measurement devices determine the data necessary to monitor energy consumption. The measured values can be visualized locally in operating rooms or even in the cloud.

So you always can view all the data of the machine monitoring whereever you want (any location) and can identify upcoming problems.

Cloud "One View" - Condition Monitoring
     Online-Database / Cloud Service