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Industrial Measurement Products


Measurement Instruments








Weighing Scales & Balances




Laboratory Equipment

Industrial measurement instruments / devices Industrial Measurement and Control Products Industrial weighing Scales and Balances Industrial Laboratory Measurement Equipment

Collect, store, analyze, transmit measurement


Control your industrial processes and increase


High precision scales & balances for production


Reliable, time-saving, user-friendly instruments


Measurement Products More


the productivity of your machines.

Automation Products More


and research.

Scales and Balances More


for laboratory use.

Laboratory Products More


PCE Instruments works on things that matter - Industrial measurement products which help to better understand and optimize processes. Our business is focused on the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial products which help to increase the effectiveness in a variety of industry settings like industrial plants and research laboratories among others.

Industrial Measurement Solutions


Condition Monitoring


Manufacturing Monitoring


Industrial Weighing Equipment

Measurement and Condition Monitoring Solutions and Products   Process and measurement visualisation in industrial production plants.   Weighing and Measurement Equipment for industrial processes

Reduction of machine downtime - Usage rate near 100%. Predictive


Make industrial processes visible - Ensure maximum transparency.


Dynamic weighing systems for industrial production processes.

maintenance tools.

Industrial Solutions for Predictive Maintenance. More

Process Visualization makes industrial processes more transparent and effective. More

A challenging task.

Industrial dynamic weighing solutions. More>


PCE Instruments offers complete industrial measurement solutions for the challenging demands of modern developments. Additionally, our service solutions will help to achieve maximal reliability of operations. The section of non destructive testing and inspection offers systems and measurement products for material quality evaluation and characterisation without surface destruction in various industries and scientific applications.


Moisture & Humidity Measurement


Non Destructive Testing & Inspection


People Counting

Industrial moisture measurement solutions.   Test equipment: Non-destructive testing   People counting systems.

High accuracy mesurement systems for humidity and moisture in


Non destructive measurement and testing solutions for scientific and


People counting and measurement technology, queue management

industrial processes.

Industrial Solutions for Predictive Maintenance. More

industrial use.

Non Destructive Testing & Inspection More

and security applications.

People Counting More

Industrial Measurement Services

Development & Production


Installation & Maintenance

Development and Production   Installation and maintenance / condtion monitoring from PCE.

PCE develops and manufactures measurement and weighing solutions under its own brand as well as for

Onsite industrial services as measurement, weighing & controls installation, optimization, maintenance and

industrial customers.

Industrial Solutions for Predictive Maintenance. More


Industrial Solutions for Predictive Maintenance. More

PCE Instruments stellt seine Industrielösungen un dProdukte zur Analyse von Maschinen und Anlagen auf Messen vor. Trade Shows



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