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Industrial moisture and humidity measurement

Humidity & Moisture Measurement

Continuous determination of material moisture. Continuous determination of air humidity. Sensors, transmitters, visualisation devices, control devices, remote maintenance for industrial moisture and humidity measurement.


  Solutions for Moisture and Humidity Measurement

  Measurement of relative air humidity

Continuous relative air humidity measurement.

Temperature and humidity measurement for warehouses or for use in air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as ventilation ducts. No matter if it is raw materials, additives, semi-finished or finished products that must be stored, a climate measurement is necessary in most cases. PCE offers moisture measurement systems which can be delivered per-configured and installed quickly and easily.
The modular design always allows a further extension of the systems. Our moisture measurement is based on sensors with long-term stability and high accuracy and only a minimum of maintenance work required.
The high dust resistance makes the sensors suitable for use under tough industrial conditions.

Arrow Solutions for relative humidity measurement
     PCE-WMS 1 / Humidity measurement sensor

Calibration / adjustment:
Even if all sensors are long-term stable, they all tend to be subject to a temporal drift which is mainly caused by different environmental factors or contamination.

This drift depends on the procedure used for continuous moisture measurement and can be more significant if the intervals of use are short (e. g. every six months) or advance very slowly for a few years.

PCE Instruments offers maintenance (even on site) for all instruments, including adjustment and calibration. This ensures that correct and reproducible data of the moisture measurement are always available. These measurement values do not only serve as indications but also as controller input.

Calibration in relative humidity measurement.

 Measurement of absolute material moisture

Continuous absolute material moisture measurement.

To know the absolute moisture is very important in the inspection of incoming raw materials, additives and Pulps, in industrial processing as well as in the finished product. For the measurement of absolute materialand product moisture, different measurement procedures are possible (capacitive methods, microwave). This ensures a highly accurate moisture measurement result for a certain product such as granulates, soils (SiO2, KaO2, etc.) concrete, plastics, food, sewage sludges, pellets, ...
The absolute moisture measurement can be carried out statically or dynamically (continuously). However, Continuous measurement is advantageous as the product to be tested is not destroyed.

Solutions to measure absolute humidity Solutions for absolute moisture measurement
     Sensor for absolute moisture measurement