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   Monitoring via Cloud

Cloud Solutions

Wherever large amounts of data need to be stored (noise, vibration, energy), a cloud is an option.

The measurement data can not only be stored, but also visualized and analyzed. Individually tailored online solutions help to evaluate long-term recorded data.

Industrial processes and research-and development projects can be easily managed this way. The condition monitoring can be done effectively from anywhere in the world - allowing for simplified energy management and ultimately cost saving.

Case Study: The airport of Turin, Italy installed an aircraft noise monitoring system. All measured data is transferred directly into the cloud. Thus, the staff can view the noise data at any time, analyze it and implement noise reduction measures in line with flight schedules as needed.

It's not just about data collection and analysis of external field devices but also to receive highly reliable data about security and the possibility to compare to historical data.

   Project Database

Project data base access from everywhere in the world

Monitor your online-process projects in research and development. View all the ISO calibration certificates online and show them “en bloc” to your auditor for inspection. You also have the option to use the automatic memory function to recalibrate your device or be reminded of check-ups.

The project database enables customers to up and download project-related data easily and it also simplifies the communication with the technicians at PCE Instruments. For further information, please have a look at the detailed construction plans and schedules of our ongoing projects.