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Gas meters for the naval sector

Gas meters for the naval sector

Gas detectors and gas alarms for the marine industry.


  Gas meters for the naval sector

An important part of the boat and ships construction is usually carried out in enclosed spaces. Some processes require heat treatment of the metal, cooling after heat treatment, laser cutting, thermal projections, and other processes. This process requires use of gases such as argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. This means that staffs are exposed to dangerous and noxious gases. The dangers can be toxic gases, flammable or combustible gases and vapors and lack of oxygen. On the other hand, when working with flammable gases there is a danger of fire or explosion, which is why it's necessary to protect the installations.

The use of gas meters is essential for this type of work. These devices alert when the concentration of gas has reached a level that endangers the health of the worker, or when there is a danger of explosion due to the presence of flammable gas. It's possible to measure several types of gas simultaneously. We have portable gas meters that detect up to 5 gases simultaneously. On the other hand, fixed installation equipment allows covering a larger area, installing the corresponding number of meters. The meters are connected to a switchboard that alerts in case of danger, and also have relay outputs to operate any mechanism, such as closing or opening doors and Windows.

Our team of engineers and technicians have extensive experience. They will gladly advise the client by offering the equipment or system that best suits their needs, taking into account the personal protection and the protection of the facilities. It's about alerting in time to prevent personal and material damage.

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