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gas meters for metallurgy

Gas meters for metallurgy

Gas detectors and gas alarm systems for the metal and steel industry.


  Gas meters for metallurgy

The metallurgy includes several processes for the treatment and transformation of iron. These processes aren'tt exempt from hazards for employees. One of the dangers is the exposure of personnel to toxic and flammable gases. Employees are exposed to such gases during the treatment process, as well as during maintenance and service work. To ensure the safety of employees, gas meters are essential. In addition, the production plants must be properly protected. High temperatures and other factors increase the risk of fire and explosions.

To protect the facilities and lives of people there are gas meters of fixed and portable installations. Depending on the model, portable gas meters can detect one or several gases simultaneously. The size of portable gas meters is small. This allows the employee to carry it with him at all times. On the other hand, fixed installation gas meters allow being connected to a control unit that controls the different areas and the different gases to be measured.

At PCE Instruments we advise you and offer the most appropriate solution related to safety in the manufacturing processes in the steel industry. Our qualified staff has years of experience. In addition, we have been working for many years with recognized and prestigious brands and we offer a wide range of the gas meter.

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