Gas detectors

Gas detectors in the wastewater sector

Gas detectors in the water and wastewater sector.


  Gas detectors in the water and wastewater sector

In addition to energy, water is probably the most important topic in almost all parts of the world. Freshwater treatment and provision, as well as wastewater treatment, have meanwhile become extremely important industries. In both types of industrial installations, gas detectors are used for personal protection. Toxic and flammable gases occur everywhere in the treatment plants. Especially in the treatment of wastewater in a sewage treatment plant with the mechanical, biological and chemical level in the range of digestion towers digester gases. These can be used economically. Digester gas is a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide and small amounts of hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide. The use of fixed gas detectors and gas detectors for the operators make sense in these areas.

In such water treatment plants, the following gases may also occur Ammonia, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen monoxide and not least ozone. Many wastewaters are now treated with ozone (replacement for chlorine in water sterilization). Ozone is added to the wastewater as an oxidizing agent for disinfection. Bacteria and viruses are eliminated in both wastewater and drinking water by ozonation.

It is therefore imperative to continuously monitor all these gases as well as toxic and explosive gases by means of gas detectors. PCE Instruments is a service partner of Crowcon Detection Ltd. a range of gas detectors, gas detectors, and appropriate telecontrol equipment.

Gas detectors for clean and waste water

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