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Gas detectors and gas alarm systems for the beverage and gastronomy trade.


  Gas detectors for beverages

In the production of beverages, especially alcoholic beverages, such as wine, spirits, breweries… It's very important to protect staff from harmful gases in confined spaces. For example, CO2 or carbon dioxide is generated in large quantities during the fermentation of the grape. Being denser than air, it usually accumulates on the ground in places where air currents don't disperse it. When a high level of CO2 accumulates, the lungs don't receive enough oxygen. This can cause memory loss and death by asphyxia in a short time. Some people have died from entering a fermentation room with too high CO2 content.

It's very important to take precautions before entering a confined space: ventilation of the room, checking of oxygen, carbon dioxide, flammable gases, and other noxious or toxic gases. Our gas detectors constantly check gas levels. We have fixed installation gas detectors and other portable detectors. Some portable gas detectors allow up to 5 different gases to be measured simultaneously. The size of these gas detectors allows the person to carry it with them always. You can hold it, for example, in a belt.

Our technical department will advise you on this, and will indicate the advantages of selecting one model or another. This will ensure that anyone entering a confined space first confirms that there is no danger. If necessary, it will allow you to take the corresponding measures before entering.

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