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Weight Indicator PCE-N45F

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Weight indicator PCE-N45F
Weighing indicator for load cells, force sensors and weighing platforms / 4 and 6 wire connection technology / OLED display / Analogue output / Digital input / Relay s

The weighing indicator is used to realize individual weighing solutions. Load cells, force sensors, weighing platforms and other sensors that use strain gauges can be connected to the weighing indicator. This makes the weighing indicator a versatile measuring instrument for weight, force, torque, etc. The weighing indicator has a measuring input to which the sensors can be connected in 4 or 6-wire technology. The menu can be used to perform an exact calibration / adjustment from the weighing indicator. 

The weighing indicator has many rear connections. Thus, the 4 NO relays and the potential-free digital input are connected here on the weighing indicator. The outputs can be used to trigger different processes. The digital input is used to tare the weighing indicator or to set the display to 0. In addition to these functions, the weighing indicator can be deleted via the interface. The analogue output is used to pass on the displayed value directly from the weighing indicator.


- OLED display
- Display for DMS
- mV / V input
- Relay output
- Potential-free digital input
- Interface and analog output


Signal Input Range 0 ... 10 mV
Sensitivity in mV / V at 5V 2 mV / V
Minimal sensitivity 0.9 μV / D
Signal Input Range 0 ... 15 mV
Sensitivity in mV / V at 5V 3 mV / V
Minimal sensitivity 0.9 μV / D
Supply voltage of the measuring cell      5V
Number of measuring cells 1 ... 6x 350 Ohm measuring cell (s)
Display OLED 128 x 64 pixels
Units g, kg, t, kN, N, Nm
Measuring rate 200 Hz
Electrical connections Screw
  1 ... 1.5 mm²
Power supply 24V DC
Input < 6W
Degree of protection Front: IP65
Assembly Panel cut
Size panel cutout 92 x 44 mm
Dimensions 110 x 62 x 119 mm / 4.3 x 1.3 x 4.7 in
Weight About 440 g / < 1 lb
Operating conditions -10 ... 40°C / 14 ... 104°F, max 95% rh

Delivery Scope

1 x Weight indicator PCE-N45F
1 x Sealing tape
1 x User manual