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Hardness Test Stand for Corrugated Rollers PCE-5000-HSS-RW

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Hardness Tester for Corrugated Rollers PCE-5000-HSS-RW
Test stand for corrugated rollers / Travel with 10 µm resolution / Suitable for Ultrasonic Hardness Tester PCE-5000

When testing the hardness of corrugated rollers, there is sometimes only a very small area available on the radius of the corrugation for an exact, reproducible hardness test. It is therefore essential to position the hardness test probe very precisely on the head radius of the profiles. The test stand for hardness testing of corrugated rollers solves this problem and can be placed in the axial direction on the corrugated roller.

On the front side, the position of the test probe for hardness testing can be aligned with an accuracy of 10 µm using a micrometer table in the X-axis and the Y-axis. The hardness test of corrugated rollers from coarse to fine flute can therefore be carried out very precisely regardless of the radius, the pitch or the flute height of the teeth.

With the mobile and at the same time very stable device, the hardness of corrugated rollers can be checked flexibly. The support feet of the device are protected with plastic caps so that the surface profile of the corrugated roller cannot be damaged when it is positioned on the roller and during the hardness test, but at the same time also minimal displacements due to the weight of the test device are excluded when performing the hardness test.

The device for testing the hardness of corrugated rollers can be combined with a hardness tester such as the PCE-5000 (not included). The hardness tester based on the UCI method is ideally suited for the exact determination of the surface hardness of steel alloys and surface hardened workpieces. With a measuring range of up to 68 HRC, inductively hardened roller profiles or surface-coated corrugated rollers can also be tested with different test forces between 3N (HV 0.3) and 98N (HV 10). Due to the low penetration depth in the µm range of the Vickers diamond built into the test probe, only the slightest impressions are made in the corrugations necessary to achieve meaningful measurement results. This means that only minimal test impressions that are invisible to the eye remain on the surfaces, so there is no need for post-processing of the test points.

You can contact us at any time if you have special requirements or a need for application-specific special solutions for the hardness testing of corrugated rollers.

Note: Measuring device and hardness test probe not included in the scope of delivery.


- Mobile
- Robust
- For corrugated rollers
- High resolution in x- and y-axis


Dimensions: width 200 mm, height ca. 190 mm, length 400 mm (7.87" x 7.48" x 15.74")
Weight: ca. 13 kg (28.6 lbs)
Travel per axis: 25 mm with 10 µm resolution
Corrugated roller diameter: from 180 mm (7.08") upwards (others on request)

Delivery Scope

1 x Hardness Tester for Corrugated Rollers PCE-5000-HSS-RW

Note: measuring device and hardness test probe not included in the scope of delivery.