Temperature Data Logger PCE-HT 72

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Temperature Data Logger

PDF data logger for temperature and humidity / Report as PDF file / Software for programming /
Data logger with display / Export as CSV possible

The PDF temperature data logger is an instrument for temperature and humidity longterm measurements. A memory of 20,010 sets of measurements allows the PDF data logger to be used for up to several months. The PDF data logger is particularly suitable for measuring tasks where it is not possible for the user to install a software for reading the measured values. The logger automatically generates a measurement protocol that can be printed or saved directly.

The measurement log of the PDF temperature data logger contains the maximum and minimum measured values ​​for temperature and humidity, as well as a graph showing the course of the measurement. The data logger stores the measured values ​​in its memory until it is full or a new measurement is started via the software. In the software, the user has further options for analyzing the measured data. So it is also possible with the help of the software to export the measurement data as a CSV file from the PDF data logger. Temperature Data Logger PCE HT 72 for transportation goods.So that the user of the PDF data logger for temperature and humidity always has an overview of the measured values, the datalogger is equipped with an LCD. The display informs continuously about temperature and humidity, which is measured by the PDF data logger, as well as the battery status and the memory status. At the touch of a button, the maximum and minimum measured values ​​can also be called up directly on the PDF data logger.

Data loggers have become indispensable helpers at many enterprises and during various manufacturing processes. Due to the compact size and small weight, they may be installed anywhere, where a continuous reliable monitoring is required. The modern USB PDF data loggers give their users a tremendous advantage, besides collecting and recording the data, which is creation of the file in pdf format. The latter is officially accepted by the ISO, which means that the devices generating pdf file, in addition to facilitating the data evaluation, may fully meet the strict requirements and comply with the official regulations.

When applying the temperature data logger with the pdf function, the operator does not have to worry about acquiring additional software for data evaluation or check for the operating system. The device does not depend on the software or operating system anymore.

After the series of measurements has been finished and time for data evaluation comes, it is enough just to find the USB plug on the device and use it as any other USB. No installation of auxiliary programs is needed, the only requirement to the computer on which the operator wants to assess the results of the data logger recording is the presence of the USB-drive and PDF-file reading function. The file can simply be moved to the computer in an ordinary way.

The PDF file generated by the temperature data logger contains the full and comprehensive information about the measurements (time, date, frequency, deviations from the limits). The flow of the measuring process may be followed by the tables as well as by the graphical representation.

Application of PDF temperature data loggers is wide (cold chains, transportation of the foodstuffs, medical and pharmaceutical products, monitoring of many biological / chemical and industrial processes). Devices may be both, single-use only as well as multi-use. After the file has been moved and saved to the computer, the device may start another recording series.

Each user can adjust the settings of the pdf temperature data logger in accordance with the personal requirements. If necessary the measurements can be stopped manually, and all the readings can be transferred to the other device, for example, PC (pdf file). The measuring process may stop by itself either because the measuring time runs out, or because there is no free space in the memory of the device (the memory, by default, for more than 20,000 readings).

 If you choose the one-time use temperature data logger, there is a chance to carry out the recording only once, at the same time, the multiple-use pdf data loggers carry out the recordings again and again and long service life is one more advantage for those who are interested in acquiring the equipment for long-term application. An advantage of the possibility to choose is that if the user needs the measurements only for one activity or for a short time, there is no need to purchase a more expensive device to receive accurate and reliable measurements, since all the devices are characterized by excellent results.

A pdf temperature data logger is very small in size, light-weight and compact and thus, can be mounted and installed in absolutely different locations, including operation rooms. With its help, the user can even carry out evaluation of the dwellings and working premises, as well as any spaces where the products are stored or analyzed – there where the temperature and humidity parameters are of the paramount importance. It guarantees for the user, from the one side, very easy device-handling, and from the other, the possibility to view all the measurement results quickly and without application of any additional software for data processing, since the data is presented as a pdf report (PC, USB port and pdf file reading – are sufficient).

With the application of the pdf temperature data logger, the monitoring process becomes very simple and lots of faults and failures, which may occur at the wrong ambient temperature/humidity conditions, may be avoided and prevented. It may be transportation of the semi-products, frozen meat, cooled products, blood samples, a variety of chemical agents, equipment etc. – pdf data logger occupies no space, but carries out a reliable control. If it goes about transportation and deliveries, the delivering company may send the Pdf report to the customer, after the measurement has been finished, as a proof that the required conditions have been maintained during the whole time. The report is so simple and clear that it saves time and efforts for those who receive it to track the transportation process. 

Pdf temperature data logger – is a small and simple device, the application of which brings benefits for the user and serves for improvement, primarily, of the delivering, transportation and storage.

In addition, the PDF temperature data ;ogger can be calibrated according to ISO requirements. Depending on the regulations, you have fixed in your ISO handbook, the instrument is to be re-calibrated in certain time intervals. 

- Measurement protocol as PDF
- Readable without software
- Data logger for temperature and humidity
- LC display
- Min-Max memory
- Compact dimensions
- 20,010 sets of measured values ​​can be stored
- Data export possible as CSV
Measuring function Temperature
Measuring range -30 ... 60°C / -22 ... 140°F
Resolution 0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy < 0°C / 32°F: ± 1°C / 1.8°F
  < 60°C / 140°F: ± 0.5°C / 0.9°F
Measuring function Humidity
Measuring range 0 ... 100% rh
Resolution 0.1% RH
Accuracy 0 ... 20% RH: 5%
  20 ... 40% RH: 3.5%
  40 ... 60% RH: 3%
  60 ... 80% rh: 3.5%
  80 ... 100% RH: 5%
Storage 20,010 readings
Measuring rate / storage interval          Adjustable 2 s, 5 s, 10 s ... 24h
Start-Stop Adjustable, immediately or by pressing a button
Status display By a symbol in the display
LC display
Power supply CR2032 battery
Interface USB
Dimensions 75 x 35 x 15 mm / 3 x 1.4 x 0.6 in
Weight About 35 g / < 1 lb

1 x Temperature data logger PCE-HT 72
1 x Wrist strap
1 x CR2032 battery
1 x Software (available for download on our website)
1 x User manual