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Laser Distance Measuring Device PCE-LTM 40

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Laser Distance Measuring Device / Laser Tape Meter

Laser Distance Measuring Tape with a length of 16.4 ft, 5 m / magnetic stop angle /
Laser distance meter with a measuring range of 132.2 ft, 40 m / different measuring tape units
Rechargeable battery via a USB connection / area calculation and individual measurement

The laser distance measuring tape has a measuring length of 16.4 feet, 5 meters. Magnets are inserted at the stop angle of the laser measuring tape. These magnets on the laser distance tape measure also hold the tape measure on metallic surfaces and thus support the user during the measurement. Thanks to the different units on the tape measure, the laser distance tape measure can be used internationally.

Laser Tape Meter

Laser Distance Measuring Device for construction work.A laser distance meter was installed next to the measuring tape. This laser distance meter has a measuring range of 132.2 feet, 40 meters. This means that measurements at large distances can be carried out many times over with the laser distance measuring tape. Another function of the laser distance meter with the laser distance tape measure is the area measurement. With this function, the laser distance tape measure shows the area of, for example, a wall or the floor after two distance measurements. Thanks to its diverse functions, this laser distance measuring tape is the ideal companion for every craftsman and interior decorator.

Laser Tape Meter in its application

Almost all construction tasks require application of the tape meter, no matter whether it goes about professional work or daily household use. Both inside and outside the length, the height, the width, the distance from one point to another must be measured very precisely and accurately. For this purpose, there are two options: hand or laser tape meter. The well-known roulette can be found practically in every house, but it is impossible not to acknowledge the advantage of such modern and super convenient device, as the laser tape meter. First, the length of the hand meter is very limited, in average 2 meter (or less). The measuring task may become quite challenging, especially if there is only one pair of hands and the distance to be measured is much more than 2 meters. The measurement of the height is also not such a simple task, especially if there is no support such as a wall, for example and the measurement should be carried out in the air.

Laser Distance Measuring Device on construction site.One who has tried the laser tape meter will hardly come back to the old well-known method, since the speed of the measurement as well as the convenience are absolutely without any doubt. Even for a 20-meter distance the time spent on the measurement with the help of the laser meter is a few times less than when applying a standard measuring roulette.

Laser beam does not get scattered and due to this the accuracy of the measurement is very high. The device itself is very small and handy and the calculation of the distance, based on the speed of the beam and the time required for the beam to reach the defined point, takes just a few seconds. As mentioned above, there is absolutely no need to use the help of the assistant and no special training is required to learn to use the laser tape meter. There is no restriction as for the place where the measurements are carried out and even the obstacles or uneven surfaces, which may become quite a problem for the standard tape meter, do not interfere and do not prevent the user from measuring some particular object, length, space. Applying the laser tape meter, it is also very easy to calculate the volume or the square area. All these significantly facilitates many measuring tasks which occur during the construction and repair. Long calculations and notes on the paper have been replaced by just a few button strokes. The device is so easy-to-operate, that it can be used in the office, as well as at home, as well as at the construction site.


- Magnetic measuring tape with a length of 16.4 ft, 5 m

- Stable extension of the measuring tape up to 5.9 ft, 1.8 m

- Tape measure units: meters, feet, inches

- Integrated laser distance meter

- Distance measurement with area calculation

- Rechargeable battery via USB


Laser Distance Meter 
Measuring range132.2 ft, 40 m
Resolution0.04 inch, 0.001 m
Accuracy± (0.08 inch, 2 mm + 5x10 ^ -5 digits)
Zerotrailing edge
Measuring unitfeet/inch, meter
Measurement functionsDistance measurement, area measurement
Laser class2nd grade
Laser type630 ... 670 nm, <1 mW
Operating conditions

32 ... 104 ° F, 0 ... 40 ° C,

<85 RH non-condensing

Storage conditions

14 ... 140 ° F, -10 ... 60 ° C,

<85 RH non-condensing

Automatic laser shutdown30 s
Automatic shutdown180 s
Tape Measure 
Length16.4 ft, 5 m
Accuracy<± 0.06 inch, 1.5 mm
UnitsMeters, feet, inches
Blade width0.75 inch, 19 mm
Stable extension until6 ft, 1.8 m
Dimensions3.3 x 2.1 x 3.1 inch, 83 x 54 x 79 mm
Weight0.6 lb, 275 g

Delivery Scope

1 x laser distance tape measure PCE-LTM 40
1 x Mirco USB cable
1 x instruction manual