Cup Anemometer PCE-A420-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

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ISO Calibration
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Cup vane
Up to 35 m/s
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Cup Anemometer for Measuring Wind Speed

different units selectable / measurement independent of the wind direction / 100-point datalogger

Information about the cup anemometer

The PCE-A420 is a cup anemometer for measuring wind speed. The three horizontally aligned spherical cups, which are fixed crosswise or in a star shape on the vertical axis of the cup anemometer, record the wind speed during a measurement. The measuring principle is simple: the stronger the wind blows, the faster the half-open plastic cups turn. The speed of the cross rotation determines the wind speed.

This PCE wind flow meter, also referred to as the cup anemometer, offers a significant advantage in comparison to the standard impeller anemometers. The wind direction is not of crucial importance in the measurement of the flow rate. In order to be able to measure the wind speed accurately, the cup anemometer, in contrast to the impeller anemometer, does not have to be kept exactly in the wind direction. The orientation of the half-cups in different directions ensures that the cup star is set in motion independent of the direction. Thus, the smooth and light cup-cross reacts to even the smallest flow velocities. With a resolution of 0.1 m / s or 0.1 km / h, the measuring range of the cup anemometer is from 0.9 m / s up to 35 m / s or from 2.5 km / h up to 126.0 km / h. There are different units for the flow velocities with m / s, km / h, knots, miles / h, ft / min available. Cup anemometer PCE-A420 application at an airport.

The cup anemometer records the number of rotations per minute and thus the wind speed very accurately. The wind speed can be conveniently read-out via the LC display (28 x 19 mm) of the cup anemometer. The anemometer of PCE Instruments stores maximum and minimum values, which can be conveniently read again on the display later. To ensure that the last measurement results displayed can be viewed again, the cup anemometer also has a practical Data-Hold function. The measurement data are recorded and stored via a useful 100-point data logger. The cup anemometer is marked IP 65, meets all the conditions and is thus protected against the penetration of dust and moisture. To save the battery of the cup anemometer when not in use, the meter is equipped with an Auto-Power-Off function. After a short while, the cup anemometer turns off by itself.


Lüftungskontrolle mittels Staurohr-Anemometer mit Pitotrohr in der Fabrik.Due to its compact plastic housing, its handy size and its low weight of just 180 grams, the cup-anemometer PCE-A420 offers maximum mobility and flexibility. The cup anemometer can be used wherever the mobile wind speeds need to be measured. At the place of application, the cup anemometer allows accurate wind speed measurements of up to 35 m / s. This anemometer is indispensable wherever fast and precise wind speeds close to the ground have to be checked. Because of its simple operation, the cup anemometer is also suitable for collecting the weather data for private use. In the meteorological field, for better international comparability, the wind speed is measured 10 meters above the ground. For such applications, stationary systems, which record not only the wind speed but also some other weather parameters such as the wind direction, are suitable. Also for such stationary applications, PCE Instruments, as a manufacturer of measuring technologies, has suitable anemometers in the range of products.

What is a cup anemometer?

"Ánemon" is a Greek word for wind. An application of anemometer is the measurement of the wind speed. Most commonly, the cup anemometer is used. The airflow meter has a vertical axis and three or four egg-shaped half-cups that take in the wind.

Measuring principle

The faster the wind blows, the faster the open cups turn. The number of revolutions per minute is recorded electronically. If one counts the revolutions in a second or minute, one has a measure for the speed of the wind. Mostly there is a cup anemometer in connection with a wind direction sensor, mounted on a frame, as a fixed measuring unit. The air flow meter PCE-A420 enables mobile measurements of the wind speed of up to 35 m / s directly at the place of application.

- Data logger for 100 readings
- Very sensitive cup vane system
- Wind direction is of no importance
- Variety of units to choose from: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots or miles/h
- Ingress protection IP 65
- MIN, MAX and HOLD functions
- Auto shut-off (auto disconnect)
- Anemometer with large LCD

Measurement range0.9 to 35.0 m/s
2.5 to 126.0 km/h
1.4 to 68.0 knots
1.6 to 78.2 miles/h
144 to 6895 ft/min
Resolution 0.1 m/s
0.1 km/h
0.1 knots
0.1 mph
1 ft/min
Accuracy ±2%
Cup vane diameter 70 mm / 2.8 in
Display 28 x 19 mm / 1.1 x .7 in LCD 
Enclosure Plastic
Power 4 AAA batteries (1.5V)
Cups Plastic with 135 mm / 5.3 in diameter
Dimensions 190 x 40 x 32 mm / 7.5 x 1.6 x 1.3 in
Weight 180 g / < 1 lb
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Operating humidity <80% r.h.

1 x PCE-A420 cup vane Anemometer
4 x Batteries
1 x Case
1 x User's manual
1 x ISO Calibration Certificate

N.B. Calibration certificates are issued specifically for the customer and are excluded from the right of return.