Digital Universal Indicator PCE-BPD-P-66A

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6-Digit LED
Available in: 10 - 14 days
Digital universal indicator with metal housing / Wall and switch cabinet mounting / IP65 /
Bright red LED display / Individually configurable / Digit height of up to 100 mm /
Various output signals / Display readable from a great distance

The digital universal indicator is designed in such a way that the measured values ​​displayed can be read from a large distance. With a digit height of 60 mm or 100 mm, the reading distance for the digital universal indicator is 25 m or 50 m. The red LEDs of the digital universal indicator enable reading of the measured values ​​even in very bright surroundings. The housing of the digital universal indicator is made of metal and is splash-proof with IP65. Thus, the digital universal indicator can be used under harsh environmental conditions.

Many different variants are available as input signals for digital universal indicators. Among other things, the industry supports digital displays 4 ... 20 mA and pulses. The digital universal indicator is configured directly via the keypad. Digital display output interfaces are optionally available for industry. This makes it possible to switch process signals and pulses via the digital universal indicator when a limit value is reached, for example.

The digital universal indicator can be aligned vertically for optimal alignment when mounted on the wall. In addition to wall mounting, the digital universal indicator can be mounted on a control cabinet. The insulation on the housing of the digital universal indicator ensures that no water can get into the control cabinet.

- Protection class IP65
- Robust metal housing
- Individually parameterizable
- Bright red LED indicator
- For wall or control cabinet mounting
- Different input signals
Function convert frequency to a usable value
Input signal NPN, PNP
Input voltage ±30 V DC
Input impedance 2.4 kΩ with pull-up or pull-down resistor
  470 kΩ without pull-up or pull-down resistor
Quartz accuracy ±0.01 %
Number of digits 6
Digit height 60 mm / 2.3"
Maximum reading distance 25 m / 82 ft
Accuracy 0.03% of measuring range
Measuring rate 3.5 Hz
Response time for value changes 300 ms
from 0 to 99% of the signal  
Display range -199,999 ... 999,999
Number of outputs 3
Power consumption 3.5 W
(without optional accessories)  
Power consumption 5.5 W
(with optional accessories)  
Sensor voltage supply 18, 15, 9, 5 V DC
Maximum current for the sensor supply    70 mA (with short-circuit protection)
Power supply 85 ... 265 V AC / 120 ... 370 V DC
Weight 3500 g / 123.4 oz
Further specifications  
Cable cross-section for input <0.5 mm²
and output signal  
Cable cross-section for <2.5 mm²
supply voltage  
Display 7 segment display
Viewing angle 120 °
Warm-up time 15 minutes
Operating conditions 0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F, <90 % RH, non-condensing
Storage conditions -20 ... 70 °C / -4 ... 158 °F, <90 % RH, non-condensing
Dimensions A 436 mm / 17.1"
(diagram above with the images) B 135 mm / 5.3"
  C 3 mm / 0.1"
  D 55 mm / 2.1"
  E 25 mm / 0.9"

1 x Digital Universal Indicator PCE-BPD-C-66A
1 x Instruction Manual