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Test Stand PCE-VTS 50

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Vertical force test stand with 500 N force range / Various connectable force measuring devices /
Adjustable limit switch / Emergency stop switch / Universally applicable /
Built-in stepper motor for precise setting of the speed

This vertical force test stand is a motorized test station with a force range of up to 500 N. Thanks to the large travel of 270 mm, a wide variety of test specimens, clamping devices and measuring systems with the most diverse dimensions can be mounted on the vertical force test stand and, furthermore, a tensile or also a compression test can be carried out. The travel speed can be precisely adjusted in 1 mm/min steps between 1… 500 mm/min. The set speed is shown on the display of the vertical force test stand. The travel is also shown directly on the display.

In addition to setting the speed, the vertical force test stand also offers the option of switching between automatic and manual mode. In manual mode, the force test stand only travels the path when the corresponding key is pressed. In automatic mode, this takes place automatically until the operator stops the process or a limit switch is approached.

The travel distance of the vertical force test station can be limited via the limit switch. This has the particular advantage that the operator can use the limit switches to limit the travel path, for example to protect the measuring device before it hits the floor of the vertical force test stand or moves into the chuck, thereby causing overload and damage to the measuring system.

In addition to the force test stand, PCE also offers suitable measuring devices that can be connected to the vertical force test stand. Different chucks for a wide variety of test tasks are also optionally available. A large range of measuring tasks can thus be carried out with a single measuring system.


- Emergency stop switch for switching off
- Adjustable limit switches
- Tensile and compression testing
- Automatic and manual mode
- Large travel
- Travel indication on the display


Force range 500 N / 50 kg / 110 lb
Distance display resolution   0.02 mm
Travel path 270 mm / 10.6"
Speed 1 ... 500 mm/min
Resolution 1 mm/min
Speed accuracy 
2 %
Power supply 220 ... 240 V AC, 1.5 A
Fuse 2 A
Ambient conditions 20 °C ±10 °C, 15 ... 80 % RH
Dimensions 45 x 26 x 68 cm / 17.7 x 10.2 x 26.7"
Weight 35 kg / 77 lb

Delivery Scope

1 x Vertical force test stand PCE-VTS 50
1 x Pulse cable for PCE-PFG series (version 1.0.3 or higher)
4 x Rubber feet
2 x Allen keys
1 x Power cable
1 x Instruction manual