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Pipe Locator PCE-191 CB

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PCE-191 CB
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PCE-191 CB is a handheld, portable wire tracer, cable detector or cable fault meter used for locating wires and cables hidden behind walls and insulation. Comprised of a signal transmitter and receiver, this easy-to-use cable Pipe Locator emits an acoustic alarm.


- Detects live cables and wires (it is not necessary to remove the fuse)
- Compact design
- CE, IEC / EN 61010-1:01 safety ratings


Technical specifications
Detection methodAcoustic signal
Power range220 to 240 V AC
Frequency range50 / 60 Hz
Power supplyTransmitter: Electric power
Receiver: 9 V battery
Weight300 g / 0.67 lb

Delivery Scope

Delivery contents
1 x PCE-191 CB Pipe Locator - includes signal transmitter and receiver
1 x 9 V battery
1 x carrying case
1 x user manual