Food pH Meter PCE-228M

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0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
0 ... 14 pH
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Food pH Meter PCE-228M

Handheld measuring device for pH and temperature / Large, easy to read display Suitable for food such as sausage, meat, cheese... / SD card storage (1 ... 16 GB), stored data are stored as an Excel file / RS-232 interface and optional software for direct transfer to the PC

The food pH meter PCE-228M is a very easy to use hand-held pH meter for food. At the food pH Meter can the pH value and the temperature be read off via the large LCD display or saved to the SD card (Excel file). Another option is the online transmission via the RS-232 interface directly from the food pH meter to a PC or laptop. For this, we offer optional software and the appropriate RS-232 interface cable as an accessory.

The temperature compensation is carried out either manually or automatically via the supplied stainless steel temperature sensor. All this allows a fast and reliable pH measurement of all foods, e.g. sausage, meat and cheese. The food pH meter has a three-point calibration, which is performed automatically. The pH meter is battery operated (6 x 1.5 V batteries are included). The pH-Meter PCE-228M is ideal for occasional pH measurements in the laboratory.

The food pH meter for ham.The modern world is defined by tough competition between the manufacturers and sellers. In addition, more and more strict requirements and norms of the official state organizations and institutions must be met in order to present the product at the market. The quality of food products and beverages is of crucial importance, since it goes about safety and health of large amounts of people and just a few mistakes and discrepancies in the production may lead to serious consequences, from just bad taste or short storage life to bacterial infections and poisoning. All these possible factors lead to the loss of reputation and serious financial expenses. Nowadays monitoring of the quality of the produced products has become easy and application of the correct testing and measuring equipment like, for example, a food pH meter, provides the manufacturer as well as the customer with the reliable information about the quality of each particular product.

pH level is important not only in water, it relates to all the manufactured and processed foodstuffs, as well as beverages and spirits (for example, wine or beer).

An important thing is that a food pH meter should be applied at all the stages of the production, even for the measurements in the raw material. A food pH meter allows for exact monitoring of the slightest changes in the pH value in the product in the process of fermentation, brewing, heating, boiling, mixing with additives and other ingredients etc. Such parameter as pH may substantially influence the texture and character of the product, it applies, for example, to dairy products, like yoghurts or cheeses. All the food products with low pH values belong to the acidic products. If some tinned products or sauces require more acid, the pH level in them is reduced on purpose, so that to create the required acidified medium. To leave the pH value at the high level, over 4.5, may be dangerous, since this makes the favourable conditions for bacteria growth. Biochemical processes occur inevitably during the production and storage of the foodstuffs. pH value, or the concentration of hydrogen ions, can be a tool for controlling these processes. There is no one particular average value applicable for all products. Beer (4-5), wine (2.7-3.8), cheese (4.6 – 6.8), meat, juices etc – for each of the food categories there are their own ranges of the desirable pH values, and application of a food pH meter helps to maintain them on the correct level or adjust if the current parameters deviate in the process of manufacturing.

- incl. pH electrode PC-OSH-12-01 with stainless steel blade and stainless steel temperature probe
- optimal price / performance ratio
- SD card storage (1 ... 16 GB)
- the stored data is stored directly as an Excel file on the SD card (no software required for evaluation)
- RS-232 interface for online data transmission
- measures pH and temperature
- high precision
- low battery indicator
- large LCD display
- adjustable measuring rate
- easy to use
- robust housing
- automatic calibration
- manual or autom. temperature compensation (via temperature sensor)
- BNC connector

Measuring range
0.00 ... 14.00 pH
0.0...65.0 °C or 32 ... 149 °F (only temp sensor)
0.01 pH
0.1 °C
Accuracy (@20°C)
±(0.02 pH + 2d)
±0.5 °C
Calibration automatic three-point calibration
Temperature compensation automatically from 0 ... 65 ° C or manually between 0 and 100 ° C with the temperature sensor removed
Electrode CPC-OSH-12-01 pH electrode with stainless steel blade and 1m cable with BNC plug Temperature range: 0...60 °C
Measuring rate adjustable from 1 second to 8 hours 59 min. 59 sec.
Display LC-Display 52 x 38 mm
Memory flexible via SD card storage 1...16 GB (2 GB SD card included)
Interface RS-232
Software available as an accessory
Power supply 6 x 1.5 V AA Batteries / 9 V Power adapter (optional)
Environmental conditions 0...50 °C max. 85 % r.H
Dimensions 177 x 68 x 45 mm
Weight 490 g

1 x Food pH Meter PCE-228M
1 x electrode CPC-OSH-12-01
1 x SD memory card
1 x temperature sensor
6 x battery
1 x instruction manual