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Milliohmmeter PCE-MO 2001

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PCE-MO 2001
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Milliohmmeter PCE-MO 2001
(supplied with a water resistant brief-case, for measuring ranges from 100 μΩ to 2000 Ω)

This Milliohmmeter is supplied with a large 3½ positions LCD display that shows the measurement values, which is very easy to read. With the Milliohmmeter you will be able to measure electric resistance from 100 μΩ to 2000 Ω.To obtain measurement values, a constant electric current is introduced inside an object to test the voltage drop in it. Milliohmmeter has a housing protected against water splash and also it is delivered calibrated. If you wish, an ISO calibration certificate can be requested.


- It can be used to measure electric resistance in engine coils, generators, transformers, commutation circuits, for instance in parallel or adjoining commutation circuits, compressed commutation circuits or commutators and relays.
- To measure binding energy in mines, planes, boats and also for both industrial and home installations.
- Pitch control in cyclic systems (Ringbus) to be used in industry and home. 
- To test and measure Read contacts.
- Compression elements control in over line current cables, for the control and maintenance of components such as connectors, contacts. 
- Security: IEC-1010-1; CAT II 20 V


Ranges0 ... 200 mΩ every 100 μΩ/
0 ... 2000 mΩ: 1 mΩ/ 0 ... 20 Ω: 10 mΩ/
0 ... 200 Ω: 100 mΩ/ 0 ... 2000 Ω: 1 Ω
Accuracy±0.75 % of the value +4 pos. (range up to 20 Ω)
0.75 % of the value +2 pos. (from 20 Ω)
Resolution0.1/ 1/ 10 mΩ; 0,1/ 1 Ω
Test current1 mA (2000 Ω/200 Ω range)
10 mA (20 Ω/2 Ω range)
100 mA (200 mΩ range)
Accuracy±0.1 %
Measuring quotaaprox. 0.4 s
Zero resetby hand: by means of a rotary wheel (±50)
Overload indicatorIn case of overload a ''1'' appears
Power230/110 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz
Dimension of the tester    
cable length
250 x 180 x 200 mm
50 cm (between the plug and the gripper)
Weight680 g
ApprovalIEC-1010-1; CAT II

Delivery Scope

1x Milliohmmeter PCE-MO 2001
1x testing cables,
1x AC cable
1x user's manual