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Leak Detector PCE-GA 12

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Leak detector PCE-GA 12
Gas flammable gas detector / Rechargeable battery / Audible alarm /  Semi-rigid 400 mm probe / Durability of the probe approx. 5 years / Vibration alarm / Measured value display up to 10000 ppm / Battery and mains operation (AC power adapter)

The leak detector PCE-GA 12 is a very easy-to-use measuring device. This leak detector detects combustible gases and emits a vibrating alarm as well as an audible alarm once a combustible gas has been detected by the leak detector. Thanks to the semi-rigid hose on the gas detection device, the sensor can be aligned in almost any position to reach even inaccessible places. 

This makes the gas detection device an ideal measuring device for employees who want to detect sporadically escaping gases (testing of plants during a tour of the plant, checking engines and supply lines, testing gas supply lines). A manual setting of the leak detector is not necessary as the gas detector automatically calibrates.


- Audible alarm with 85 dB
- Rechargeable battery for mobile use
- Automatic calibration
- Measuring range up to 10000 ppm
- For the detection of combustible gases
- Durability of the sensor about 5 years
- Vibrating alarm when detecting gases
- Sensor changeable


Measuring range At low concentration 0 ... 1000 ppm
(only for methane) At high concentration 0 ... 10000 ppm
Acoustic alarm Volume: 85 dB
Sensitivity < 10 ppm (with methane)
Measuring interval < 2 seconds
Display Measurement of combustible gases
  on the LC display, bar graphs
Calibration Automatically
Warming up 40 seconds
Battery Polymer Li-ion battery 18500 3.7V
Power adapter Primary side: 100 ... 240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A
  Secondary side: 5V, 1 A
Automatic shutdown        Turns off if the battery capacity is too low
  by itself or after 10 minutes if not used.
Sensor durability About 5 years (sensor is interchangeable)
Probe Semi-rigid 400 mm / 16"
Weight About 430 g / < 1 lb 

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1 x Leak detector PCE-GA 12
1 x Charger
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