Leak Detector

Leak Detector PCE-GA 10
£ 166.00
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2 year Warranty
The leak detector PCE-GA 10 is used to check for leaks in gas pipes and connections. This leak detector is suitable for many combustible gases. The leak detector has 5 LEDs that inform the gas intensity.

- Up to 15 gases
- For flammable gases
- 500 mm / 19.6" sensor
- Visual, audible and haptic alarm
Leak Detector PCE-LD 1
£ 177.00
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2 year Warranty

PCE-LD 1 is a portable handheld leak detector used to locate CFC/HFC leaks. This highly sensitive leak detector can locate gas leaks from HVACR refrigeration systems even in areas contaminated by other gases. The gas sensor is located at the end of a 390 mm / 15.35 in flexible goose-neck tube, allowing unique access to hard-to-reach places.

- Adjustable high / low sensitivity:
    6 g/yr or 30 g/yr for R-22 and R-134a
    8 g/yr or 40 g/yr for R404A, R-407C and R-410A


Leak Detector PCE-GA 12
£ 193.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty
The leak detector PCE-GA 12 is a very easy-to-use measuring device. This leak detector detects combustible gases and emits a vibrating alarm as well as an audible alarm once a combustible gas has been detected by the leak detector. 

- Measuring range up to 10000 ppm
- Audible alarm with 85 dB
- Rechargeable battery for mobile use
- Automatic calibration
- For the detection of combustible gases
Leak Detector PCE-HLD 10
£ 311.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty
With its hydrogen-selective sensor, the leak detector can detect the smallest leaks with a very low leak rate. Containers or lines that do not contain hydrogen can also be checked for leaks with the leak detector if they are filled with test gas containing hydrogen and then checked for leaks.

- High sensitivity: > 2 g / year
- Medium sensitivity: > 15 g / year
- Low sensitivity: > 30 g / year - bar display with traffic light function
- Three adjustable sensitivities
- Semi-rigid probe with a length of 40 cm / 15.7"
- Audible and visual alarm
Leak Detector PCE-LDC 8
£ 1,446.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty
The Leak Detector is used to locate leaks on compressed air lines. Furthermore, the Leak Detector can also be used on coolant lines or gas lines for leak detection.

- Measuring principle: ultrasound
- Measuring principle: air, coolant, non-explosive gases
- Working frequency of 40 kHz
- up to 6 h battery operation 
- Leak detection via headphones and LCD display
- Localize leaks up to 18m, 59 ft.
Leak Detector PCE-LDC 15
£ 2,935.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty
The leak detector is used in various areas of industry. For example, the leak detector is used on compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems, as well as on refrigeration systems and door seals.

- Working frequency: 40 kHz (± 2 kHz)
- Operating time: >10 hours
- Various attachments
- Color display: 3.5" touch panel TFT
- Soundproof headphones
Leak Detector PCE-LDC 20
£ 4,445.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty
The leak detector for gas pressure systems is an effective solution for detecting and evaluating leaks in compressed air and other non-explosive gas pressure systems. The measured leaks can be recorded and analysed within the software, the escape of compressed air causes high electricity costs as compressors run more than they should.

Units: bar, psi, MPa, l/min, m³/h, cfm
Leak detection in compressed air, refrigerant
  and gas systems

- Leakage assessment
- Various attachments
- Wireless headphones
- Frequency: 38 . .. 42 kHz
- Measurement rate: 1 Hz
- Memory capacity: 1 GB