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Drain Inspection Camera PCE-PIC 120

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Drain Inspection Camera

Drain Inspection Camera with 120 m (393.7 ft) inspection pipe / IP68 camera head with PAN / TILT / Motor focus / Meter counting / Keyboard input possible / USB and HDMI / SD memory

The drain camera finds its application whenever the inspection of the drain system, in particular, pipes for wastewater and rainwater, is needed. The design of the drain camera is specifically made in such way so that an operator could move the camera deep into the pipe, due to the push cable, and see the required area, due to the motorized camera head. The camera is positioned on the aluminium trolley, which makes the application easy and convenient. The cable is long, but since it may be coiled carefully back, there are no problems with the tangles cables which may slow down the work and cause inconvenience. The camera head is movable in both ways, horizontally and vertically which provides a possibility for a full inspection. Even though illumination inside the pipes is limited, the LEDs mounted at the head of the camera provide sufficient visibility and it is quite easy to locate the damage and determine the problem.

Drain camera provides not only the possibility to study the problem in the drain in real time. All the recordings, images and videos, may be stored and viewed later. HDMI cable connected to the camera allows viewing the images on a big monitor or screen, and since the quality of the recordings is high, the smallest details can all be analysed carefully. With the help of the USB keyboard, the required comment can be added to the scan.

Drain System Inspection

The condition of the drain system is a pledge of comfort, though very often it is neglected and not taken seriously. When the problems with the pipes and ducts occur, it brings a lot of mess and disorder in life, that is why it is very important to carry out regular maintenance checks and inspections and in such a way prevent possible problems, which is much better and much cheaper than urgent repair. It seems to be quite a challenging task to identify the problem in the drain which is absolutely beyond easy visibility and within no reach. Due to the modern technologies and development of the drain cameras, the owners should not worry about excavation of the pipes just for a standard checking. For a trained technician, an inspection of the drains and sewers becomes a simple and easy-to-perform task, if there is such an auxiliary device as the drain camera. It is compact, convenient to use due to the trolley and long cable which may be carefully coiled, and there is no need to worry about the necessity to make a real construction site, when the maintenance check is due.

If the drain camera is applied regularly, the chance for prevention of serious damages inside the pipes is very high and it means that it helps to reduce the costs and time needed for long-lasting repair works, which are inevitable in case of breakage of the pipes, serious damages and clogging. The inspection process becomes easy and it can be carried out by the professional in a much shorter time than would be necessary if the drain camera was not applied.

Thus, even if the drain system is running perfectly well and there are no complaints, a short maintenence check is highly recommended, since the drain camera may help to locate the problem when it is still very little and not let it develop.

Another example when the application of the drain camera should not be ignored is the first check after the installation of the system and before its commissioning. It may happen that in spite of the optical correctness, many hidden problems remain unattended (waste residues, unfinished welds) and if not eliminated, they may lead to the failure of the system straight after it has been set into operation. A quick, but careful check with the help of the drain camera ensures the absolute safety and compliance with the norms and thus, is very important even at the first stage, when the systems is absolutely new.

Sometimes even regular maintenance cannot guarantee that the operation of the device or systems will be flawless for a very long time and failures will neve happen. Even if the problem pacers and the systems does not run correctly, it is important not to lose much time and to carry out the repair as soon as possible. Here, the drain inspection camera is the first helper that fulfils the most important task: location of the problem. It may be evident that, for example, the clogging has taken place, but to find where exactly without a special “eye” that may look inside of the pipe – is impossible. Inspection camera head, due to its flexibility and possibility to go deep into the pipes can provide the necessary information.

Besides locating the problem, the technician must be able to find the right way to repair and fix the problem. With the drain camera dan the recordings which may be taken during the inspection, it is possible to see whether there is a corrosion problem, or rust inside the pipes, or cracks, or clogging (particularly, what type of clogging), and based on this information the most efficient repair method may be selected. Thus, the drain camera helps its operators at all the stages: at the very beginning it helps to prove that everything is ready-for-use, during the quick regular inspection surveys, and in the cases when urgent repair is necessary. Due to the possibilities of the drain camera, the technician working on the drains can also document their work and, for example, show the recording before and after the inspection or repair, so that the customer could compare and evaluate the carried-out procedures.


- 120 m / 393.7 ft drain inspection camera pipe
- With cable cars
- Large display
- Text input in the picture and video possible
- Motorized camera
- Engine focus
- Locator function
- ø9.5 mm fiber optic cable


Camera head diameter    60 mm / 2.4 in
Head rotation Horizontal: 360°
  Vertical: 180°
Cable length 120 m / 393.7 ft
Sight depth 20 ... 100 cm
Perspective 105°
Pipe diameter from / to             80 ... 1200 mm / 3.1 ... 47.2 in

Lighting 4 x LED (dimmable)
White balance Automatically
Image sensor 1 / 2.9" Sony CCD
  1920 x 1080 pixels
Display 10.1" LCD display
  1280 x 800 pixels
Interface USB 2.0
Memory option Video (AVI), Photo (JPEG) and Sound
Image memory SD card up to 256 GB
Video output format PAL 1080P, 720P, CVBS
  NTCS 1080P, 720P, CVBS
Menu navigation Multilingual
Length measurement 0 ... 120 m / 0 ... 393.7 ft 
Data entry Possible by keyboard
Operating conditions -10 ... 50°C / 30 ... 90% rh
Storage conditions -20 ... 60°C / 30 ... 90% rh
Power supply Power supply 110V ... 240V AC / 13.5V / 5 A DC
  Li Ion battery 12V / 6000-mAh
Protection class Camera head: IP68
Dimensions Complete: 87.5 x 97.8 x 40.6 cm
  Camera head: 60 x 146 mm / 2.4 x 5.7 in (total length: 360 mm / 14.2 in)
Weight About 35 kg / 77.2 lbs

Delivery Scope

1 x Sewer Inspection camera PCE-PIC120
1 x 120 m / 393.7 ft push cable on trolley
1 x Screen with keyboard
1 x Camera car
1 x Camera head
1 x Locator transmitter
1 x Camera connector with spring
1 x Roll center star
1 x Tool set
1 x Power supply
1 x User manual