Gas Leak Detector Gas-Pro-3

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Mobile and compact Gas Leak Detector for up to 5 different gasses with internal pump / Single-key menu and top mount display allow a very simple handling

This Gas Leak Detector can gauge with its sensors a maximum of five gasses, which includes among others also carbon-dioxide with ATEX admission. Due to the possibility of connecting different sensors the Gas Leak Detector Gas-Pro-3 is designed for application in areas of canals, sewage works, sewage drains, waste dumps, ships, chemical and oil industries. During development of the Gas Leak Detector the engineers particularly paid attention to small dimensions, simple handling with only one key button and to providing clear readability even in small spaces. By means of the "top mount display" these goals are reached even if the Gas Leak Detector Gas-Pro-3 is worn close to the body. A single-key handling of the Gas Leak Detector with a click and a double-click is very expedient and supports a simple navigation through the menu even while wearing gloves. An additional unique highlight of this Gas Leak Detector is the "Positive Safety" display. A three-colored LED beneath the display makes it easy to recognize the mode the Gas Leak Detector is in. Green lights indicate "Gas Leak Detector OK", yellow lights demand an inspection of the Gas Leak Detector, i.e. a maintenance or a calibration, red lights indicate not to initiate the Gas Leak Detector and to deliver it to maintenance or repairing services. That traffic lights principle is even comprehensible for inexperienced workers in regards of initiation vs. default. The pre-alarm and main alarm is indicated acoustically (95 db), optically by means of two LED lights that are recognizable from any sight angle and supported by a vibration alarm. A pump to suction the gas can be integrated into the rubberized anti-shock enclosure of the Gas Leak Detector Gas-Pro despite of its small dimensions. A suction pump integrated in the Gas Leak Detector initiates by connecting the suction cap through a reed contact. The Gas Leak Detector Gas-Pro operates with fully charged batteries for approximately 19 hours without pumps or 17 hours with initiated pumps. The collected gas concentrations during operation are saved every 10 seconds in an internal data storage. The measuring values the last 1000 events (initiation and shutdown, main and pre-alarm, calibration and e.g. measuring range transgression) are saved at the internal data storage as well. Thus the collected data can be transferred from the Gas Leak Detector to a computer by means of an interface cable, docking station with interface or a calibration station. To attach it to work wear the Gas Leak Detector is equipped with a stable alligator clip and an eyelet. If there are any questions about this Gas Leak Detector, please have a look at the technical specification below or call:  UK customers +44(0) 2380 987030 /  US customers +1-561-320-9162.

- Acoustic alarm (95 DB)
- Optical alarm (two LED lights red/blue)
- Gas indicator with vibration alarm
- Extremely simple handling
- Head mounted display
- "Positive Safety" display red/yellow/green
- Diffusion or pump mode
- Impact resistant synthetic rubberized
- LCD with lights
- Intrinsic safety allows wearing in ex-range
- Frequent "OK" control beep
- Gas detector monitors a maximum of 5 different gases simultaneously 
- Water and dust resistant IP 65 /67
- Gas detector with data logger function
- Fully automated calibration with optional purchasable I-test station

Technical specifications
Typical measuring ranges and alarm settings
Parameter / gas SymbolRangeSteps
Flammable gases * LEL (catalytic) 0... 100 % LEL 1%
Dioxide O20... 25 Vol.% 0.1%
Carbon dioxide CO20... 5 Vol.% 0.01%
Carbon monoxide
Hydrogen sulfide**
CO/H2S (CO) 0...500 ppm
(H2S) 0...100 ppm
(CO) 1 ppm
(H2S) 0,1 ppm

Other gas sensors available upon request. Please email (UK) or (US) for details.


Ammonia NH30... 100 ppm 1 ppm
Sulfur dioxide SO20... 10 ppm0.1 ppm
Ozone O30... 1 ppm 0.01 ppm
Chlorine CI20... 100 ppm 0.1 ppm
Chlorine dioxide CIO20... 1 ppm  0.01 ppm
Nitrogen monoxide NO 0... 1000 ppm 1 ppm
Nitrogen dioxide NO20... 100 ppm 0.1 ppm
Flammable gasesLEL (infrared) 0... 100 % LEL 1%
* Standardized calibration to methane, butane, pentane, ethylene and more on demand.
** Combined sensor
Acoustic alarm signal of gas detector 95 dB (A)
Frequent control signal, disengageable
Optic alarm  Extra bright LED's, red /blue flash, visible from every sight angle
Vibration alarm Additionally to optic and acoustic warning, device vibrates
Display Bright head mounted display, two-colored, switches in case of alarm from green to red
Data storage 50 hours at 10 sec. interval
Power supply Lithium ion battery
Approx. 19 hours in diffusion mode
pprox. 17 hrs. in pump mode
Enclosure type of gas detector IP 67/ 65
Dimensions 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.7 in / 130 x 82 x 43 mm (H x B x D)
Weight < 1 lb / 380 g 5 gases with pump
Surrounding conditions -20°F... 122°F / -20 ... + 50 °C
20 ... 90 % rH non condensing
Standards / codes EN 60079-29, EN 45544, EN 50104
EN 50270, EN 50271 EN 61779
Certification of gas detector ATEX - II 2G Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb
IECEx - Ex ia d IIC T4
UL: Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D
cUL: Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D
PC interface USB interface device specific
Attention: According to ATEX and BG guidelines (T021 and T023), all mobile gas detector devices have to undergo a sight check and display control before use or at least once a day. Our technicians and engineers will gladly advise you regarding the necessary test gases and discharge units. Please call PCE Instruments technical support for assistance. 
Maintenance and recalibration:
The gas detector can be sent to us for purposes of maintenance and calibration (e.g. biannually). The gas detector will then be demounted, cleaned and recalibrated. If a sensor of the gas detector should not be calibrateable any more or its life time expired we will first inform you. Reserve sensors are also available.
This gas detector is ATEX approved. What does it mean?:
The ATEX production directives (commonly known as "ATEX 95" because of art. 95 of the EU directives) by theEuropean Parliament for gas detectors and protection systems for appropriate operation in areas with explosive risks determines the terms for application of a product that is used in those areas. The directives covers in attachment II the basic health- and security requirements that have to be followed by the producer and then to be confirmed by an accordant procedure to evaluate the conformity. Our gas detector achieves all current standards by the EU. 

Delivery contents
1 x Gas Leak Detector Gas-Pro-3 (with internal pump)
1 x Battery charger
1 x Alligator clip with eyelet
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Calibration certificate
1 x Suction cap as well as sample pipe (suctioning version)


Additional equipment optional
- Reserve gas sensors for Gas Leak Detector only on demand
- Vehicle charging stand for Gas Leak Detector (12 V, especially favored by fire fighters)
- Internal motor suctioning pump
- Fully automatic calibration I-test
- Biannual maintenance and calibration of Gas Leak Detector including calibration certificate by producer
- Test gas and discharge unit