Earth Tester / Earth Resistance Meter PCE-ECT 50-UK

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Earth tester / earth resistance meter PCE-ECT 50-UK for testing earthing resistance / Installation category III / 7 meter measuring lead at the safety measuring tip / High measuring accuracy / Protection class IP40 / 50, 60 Hz operating voltage

The earth tester / earth resistance meter is a handy measuring device. Due to the robust and ergonomic design, the user can work comfortably with the earth tester. The earthing resistance can be determined quickly with the earth tester. In addition, a check can be made as to whether the earths are connected to each other. To ensure a clear reading, the earth tester has a large, clearly arranged, multicoloured LC display.

The display also gives a visual feedback about the state of the installation. If the installation is OK, the display will remain blue. In the event of a faulty installation, the display of the earth tester changes to a red background. The earth tester consists of a read-out unit, which is plugged into the socket as a whole and a safety test tip, which is connected to the reading unit via the underside. The safety probe has a cable length of about seven meters.

- Multi-coloured, backlit LCD
- Installation category III
- 50 / 60 Hz operating voltage
- High measuring accuracy
- Handy construction
- IP40, IK06 protection

Measuring principle Continuity test / earth resistance measurement
Measuring range 0 ... 2000 Ω
Display two-color, backlit LCD
Measurement accuracy ± (3 % + 3 Digits) at 0 ... 200 Ω at 23 °C ±5 °C
Operating voltage 230 V (Ph/N) -10 / +6 %
Operating frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Standards IEC 611010-1 EN 61557-4, Class II, IP40, IK06
Installation category III
Operating temperature -15 ... +45 °C / +5 ... +113 °F
Storage temperature -25 ... +70 °C / -13 ... +158 °F
Dimensions 72 x 210 x 50 mm (W x L x H)
Length of test cable ca. 7 m / 22 ft 11"
Weight 340 g / 12 oz
Power supply
9V block battery

1 x Earth Tester / Earth Resistance Meter PCE-ECT 50-UK
1 x 7m test lead on reel
1 x 9V block battery
1 x User manual