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Cryo Data Logger PCE-LTD 100

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Cryo Data Logger PCE-LTD 100

Measuring range from -80 °C / protection class IP 67 / with analysis software /
memory for 17,280 measured data /USB connection / replaceable battery

The PCE-LTD 100 cryo data logger can record the temperatures in the range from - 80 to + 70 °C. The prefix cryo comes from the Greek, where kryos stands for cold. The cryo data loggers are therefore devices that can measure and record particularly low temperatures. With a measuring range from minus 80 °C, the PCE-LTD 100 cryo data logger is suitable, for example, for temperature recording during the transport and storage of blood plasma, vaccines and dry ice made from solid carbon dioxide. Cryo data logger PCE-LTD 100 application.Particularly when transporting vaccines in connection with Covid-19, it is especially important to prove that the cold chain from production to vaccination has been maintained without any gaps. Since some vaccines have to be transported at very low temperatures, this also requires the use of the specially suited for this purpose measurement technology. Those vaccines that have to be stored at -70°C, for example, are sometimes transported in special containers with dry ice. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide which sublimates at approx. 78.5°C. These are the temperature ranges which are ideal for various vaccines. With the Cryo Data Logger, it is possible to check and prove that these temperatures have been maintained over the entire time, both during the transport and storage, in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO.

The Cryo Datalogger can also be used for the vaccines that only need to be stored at refrigerator temperatures. Due to the robust and compact design and the special battery adapted to the conditions, the Cryo data logger can be used without any problems in a wide variety of refrigerated containers and cooling devices. The high degree of protection IP 67 ensures that water and foreign bodies do not penetrate into the Cryo data logger and allows thorough and hygienic cleaning. The special battery is suitable for low temperatures, but has a much shorter runtime at very low temperatures. At the temperatures between minus 80 °C and minus 70 °C, for example, the Cryo data logger can store the measurement data at 15-minute intervals for 30 days with this battery. The Cryo data logger has the highest accuracy of ±0.5 °C in the temperature range from -30 °C to +70 °C. In the range from -80 °C to -31 °C, the accuracy is ±1 °C.

The Cryo data logger has an internal memory for 17,280 measurement data. The start of the measurement, stop mode and storage interval can be conveniently set on the PC using the software supplied. The recording of the data is stopped as soon as the Cryo data logger is connected to the USB interface of a computer, independent of the stop mode set. In addition, the Cryo data logger stops the recording when the memory space is completely occupied. In the software, the temperature unit and the alarm limits can be set and adjusted for each measurement. Cryo data logger in a package.To read out the measurement data, the Cryo data logger must be connected to the USB interface of the computer. The computer automatically recognises the Cryo data logger as a mass data storage device, so that the measurement data can also be transferred as a PDF independently of the operating system and software. The software for the Cryo data logger provides various functions for evaluating the recorded data and offers an export to the other programs in a format suitable for these programs. For documentation or further processing, the measurement data recorded by the Cryo data logger can be, for example, output in the file formats XLS, CSV, PDF, TXT or CIN. The graphical representation of the temperatures can be exported as a JPG file. The Cryo data logger can also be configured to automatically output a file with the measurement data in a previously selected file format. The file formats PDF, DLG, CSV, XLS and TXT are available for selection. This option offers the particular advantage that the measurement data can be imported directly into a data management system.


Important features of the Cryo Data Logger PCE-LTD 100:

- measuring range -80 °C to +70 °C
- robust design with protection class IP 67
- memory capacity for 17,280 values
- selectable storage interval from 1 s to 24 h
- readout via USB interface
- many data formats selectable for export
- configurable via supplied software
- exchangeable special battery


Measuring range -80 ... +70 °C  / -112 ... +158 °F
Measuring accuracy ± 0.5 °C (-30 ... +70 °C / -22 ... +158 °F)

± 1 °C (-80 ... -31 °C / -112 ... +23.8 °F)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Storage capacity 17,280 values
Sampling interval 1 s … 24 h
Storage formats via software  
Start mode time setting
Stop modes when a USB connection has been established,
  as soon as the memory is full, as soon as the set
  number of memory points has been reached
Operating conditions   -80 … +70 °C / -112 ... +158 °F, non-condensing
Storage conditions -40 … +70 °C / -40 ... +158 °F (without battery)
Battery life
2 years @ 25 °C / 77 °F / 15 min storage interval

30 days @ -80 ... -70 °C  / -112 ... +158 °F / 15 min storage interval
Power supply 3.6 V 2/3 AA high temperature battery
  interchangeable (ER14335)
Protection class IP67
Dimensions Ø 18 mm + 115 mm / Ø 7" + 45"
Weight ca. 95 g  / 3.3 oz (without battery)

Delivery Scope

1 x Temperature Data Logger PCE-LTD 100
1 x 3.6 V 2/3 AA high temperature battery
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Software