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Contact Thermometer PCE-T 330-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

ISO Calibration
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Two-channel Contact Thermometer / Battery life of approx. 190 hours / 
Different file formats / No software required / Storage for 20,000 data points

The Contact Thermometer has two measuring inputs. Each measuring input from the Contact Thermometer can be connected to a thermocouple of type K, T and J. With a measuring rate of 2 Hz, the Contact Thermometer shows rapid temperature fluctuations. With the high accuracy and a resolution of 0.01 °C, these rapid temperature fluctuations can also be displayed precisely by the Contact Thermometer. 

With a data memory of 20,000 measuring points, the Contact Thermometer can be used for a long period of time. A data point on the Contact Thermometer contains a measured value per channel and date as well as the current time. When the Contact Thermometer is connected to a computer, it is recognized as a removable disk. This allows the Contact Thermometer to be connected to computers with different operating systems, as no additional software is required for further analysis. The measurement data from the Contact Thermometer can be saved as TXT, CSV, XLS and DLG format.


- Two-channel temperature data logger
- For thermocouples type K, T and J
- Long battery life
- Data storage for 20,000 measuring points
- File format TXT, CSV, XLS and DLG
- Rubberized protective cover
- incl. ISO Calibration Certificate


Temperature Sensor    Measuring range 
Type K-200 ... 1370 °C / -328 … +2498 °F
   0.01 °C±0.3 % of rdg. +0.4 °C
Type T-200 ... 400 °C / -328 … 752 °F
   0.01 °C±0.3 % of rdg. +0.4 °C
Type J-200 ... 1200 °C / -328 … 2192 °F
   0.01 °C±0.3 % of rdg. +0.4 °C
Units°C / °F
Number of channels2
Measuring rate2 Hz
Data storage15,328 kB for 20,000 data points
File formatsTXT, CSV, XLS, DLG
Storage interval1 .... 86,399 s
Power supply
3 x 1.2 V AAA rechargeable batteries
 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
Battery lifeca. 190 hours
 (without backlight, battery capacity
 1200 mAh, ambient temperature 25 °C)
Operating conditions-10 ... 50 °C / 14 … 122 °F
Storage conditions-20 ... 60 °C / -4 … +140 °F (without batteries)
Dimensions173 x 71 x 38 mm / 6.8 x 2.8 x 1.5"
Weightca. 226 g /  7.9 oz

Delivery Scope

1 x Contact Thermometer PCE-T 330
1 x Thermocouple Type K
1 x Micro-USB cable
3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
1 x User manual
1 x ISO Calibration Certificate


N.B. Calibration certificates are issued specifically for the customer and are excluded from the right of return.