Strobe Rotation Meter RT STROBE 3000 LED

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Strobe Rotation Meter RT STROBE 3000 LED
stroboscope with intelligent LED technology for amplitudes up to 6000 LUX /
no abrasion from electronic-flash-tubes / input signal generator
The main advantage of a steady-state stroboscope RT STROBE 3000 LED with intelligent LED-technology results from the absence of a short life xenon-tube, which is usually the first defective part which has to be replaced. In comparison to that, the LEDs of this stroboscope are nearly indestructible with no detectable wear. 80 LEDs achieve a significantly higher flash frequency than xenon-tubes and produce a subjectively pleasant light with noiseless flashes. The activation of the rotation speed control counter occurs directly by the observed system or via the supplied control unit RT Strobe ECO control. This small control unit can simply be plugged into one of the jacks on the rear panel of the stroboscope. Due to the standard existing connections, both, a machine signal, and a signal of the control unit can be transmitted simultaneously. Switching between the two inputs can be achieved by using the rocker switch on the rear side of the stroboscope

Stationary Rotation Meter with intelligent LED-technology.

- Wear-resistant LED flash production
- 0 to 120,000 FPM
- 6000 LUX at 30 cm
- illumination area of 20 by 30 cm
- Adjustable brightness / sharpness
- Widths> 300 mm
- Strobes can be connected in parallel

Delivery contents:
1 x strobe rotation meter RT STROBE 3000 LED, 1 x AC Adapter, 1 x Manual,
1 x connector for trigger input and supply, 1 x controller RT STROBE ECO