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Conductivity Meter / Conductivity Tester

There are both standard and a waterproof conductivity meter, as well as a conductivity meter available for flowing water or pure water (highly recommended for specific industries) as well as the ones with different conductivity measurement ranges. An important factor is that a conductivity meter normally measures electric conductivity in µS/cm, however it can also take measurements in mg/l (for direct reading of content in dissolved solid substances). The relation is established as follows: 2 µS/cm = 1ppm (parts per million) = 1 mg/l. Compensated temperature in the conductivity meter can be automatic or by hand.

Conductivity MeterConductivity MeterConductivity Meter

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Conductivity meter Infos
Conductivity meter will help you with measuring conduction in water, whether it
is flowing ...With conductivity meter it is easy to determine electrical Conductivity

Conductivity Meter HI 9829
Order no.: HI 9829-
With one and the same probe, the multiparameter conductivity meter monitors up to 14 relevant water quality parameters. The conductivity meter HI 9829 is rugged and waterproof, and has been specially developed for outdoor measurements. The large, backlit graphic display allows easy operation of the conductivity meter.

- Provision of up to 14 parameters (7 measured, 7 calculated)
- Fully configurable and with contextual help
- Extra large backlit graphic display
- Sturdy, waterproof (IP67) housing
Manufacturer: Hanna
£ 2,582.43
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Conductivity Meter PCE-CM 41
Order no.: PCE-CM 41
With the conductivity meter PCE-CM 41 it is possible to measure conductivity value, the amount of all the solid material or dissolved salts  (TDS - Total Dissolved Solids) and the temperature. The conductivity meter PCE-CM 41 is very easy to carry everywhere thanks to its small size. Auto ranges up to 20,000 PPM.

- EC conductivity: 0...2,000 µS/cm  /  0...20 mS/cm.
- Salt content TDS: 0...2,000 mg/l (ppm)  /  20,000 mg/l (ppm)
- Temperature: 0.0...+60 °C
- Water resistant (IP 67)
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 81.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Conductivity Meter PCE-SM 11
Order no.: PCE-SM 11
With the conductivity meter PCE-SM 11 conductivity in non-saturated solutions can be quickly and accurately determined. The Conductivity Meter PCE-SM 11 has a high measuring accuracy thanks to the automatic temperature compensation. 

- Measurement rang:  0,0 ... 12,0 % ( weight percentage).
- Accuracy: ± 0,5 %..
- Resolution: 0,01 %.
- Temperature compensatio:automatic from 0 ... to +50 °C

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 104.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Conductivity Meter PCE-PHD 1
Order no.: PCE-PHD 1

PCE-PHD 1 conductivity meter is a portable, easy-to-use measuring device with multiple capabilities for inspecting water quality. Offering extraordinary precision at an affordable price, the conductivity meter is used for laboratory and in situ testing of the pH value, redox, conductivity, salt content, oxygen level and temperature of water. Three-point calibration and automatic temperature compensation guarantee a high level of accuracy even with variable temperature measurements. PCE-PHD 1 comes with both a pH electrode and a conductivity electrode. Additional electrodes are available for purchase separately, as is an optional mains adapter for power and a software kit with an RS-232 cable.


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 266.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Conductivity Meter PWT HI 98308
Order no.: HI 98308
£ 60.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Conductivity Meter HI 9033
Order no.: HI 9033
The portable HI 9033 EC meter is suitable for use in a variety of applications. It offers four measurement ranges from 0.0 µS/cm to 199.9 mS/cm with a ±1% FS accuracy. The HI76302W four-ring conductivity probe allows for a wide range of measurements with a single sensor. The four ring technology also eliminates the polarization effect that is common with standard two pole versions. The probe also features a built-in temperature sensor to allow for Automatic Temperature Compensation from 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).
£ 516.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Conductivity Meter HI 993310
Order no.: HI 993310
The conductivity meter is customized to determine the total mineralisation of soil or grounds. Thus via the conductivity meter there can be gained information relevant to evaluate the ground quality and the application of fertiliser.

- Measuring range: 0.0 ...19.99 mS/cm; 0.0 ... 1.0 g/l
- Resolution: 0.01 mS/cm; 0.1 g/l
- Accuracy: ± 2 % of measuring range
£ 535.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

Conductivity meter HI 9835
Order no.: HI 9835
With the HI 9835 conductivity meter you can measure conductivity in µS/cm or in  ppm (mg/l TDS measurement field), salt content (NaCl) in % and temperature. With the HI 9835 conductivity meter all measurement values can be represented with automatic or manual temperature compensation. 

- Temperature: 0.0...+ 60 °C.
- EC conductivity: 0.00...500.0 mS/cm in six measurement ranges.
- TDS salt content:0.00ppm (mg/l)...400.0 ppt (g/l) in six measurement ranges.
- NaCl: 0.0 ... 400.0 %

£ 728.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery

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