Pressure Indicator PCE-N24S

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4 digits LED display of 20 mm/ front panel IP 65 / optional power of the sensor / for normalized signals  4 ... 20 mA / setting by means of the software
The PCE-N24S pressure indicator is used for the signal processing of  4...20 mA. The PCE-N24S pressure indicator offers a wide field of application due to the fact that its signal can be freely scaled. The PCE-N24S pressure indicator has a 5-digit LED display to allow the user to directly read current measured values. The power supply of the optional sensor of 24 V enables a direct connection to two-thread sensors or transducers to simplify the use of the PCE-N24S digital indicator. The three PCE-N24S pressure indicator models have different power supply. The PCE-N24S pressure indicator can be powered by 230 V, 85 ... 253 V or 20 ... 40 V. The setting is carried out by the license free LPCon software. By means of the PCE-PD14 programming adapter both settings can be performed and measured values can be read on the PCE-N24S pressure indicator. Settings can be recorded and recalled.

- IP 65 in the front
- for 4-20 mA signals
- connection by means of a screw terminal
- sensor power supply: 24 V (PCE-N24S-2
  and 3)
- setting-up via the software
- LED display

Technical specifications
Input3.6 mA ... 4 mA ... 20 mA ... 22 mA
Accuracy± (0.2 % FS + 1 digits)
Internal impedance10 Ω ± 1 %
Scale2 points
Display4 digits and 7 segments LED display, height: 20 mm
Range-19,999 ... 99,999
 Sensor power supply
 (only PCE-N24S-2 and -3)
24 V DC, max. 30 mA
Environmental temperature
Operation: -10 ... 55 ºC
Storage: -25 ... +85 ºC
Dimensions96 x 48 x 64 mm
Dimensions for panel installation92 x 45 mm (to meet the DIN standard)
Power voltage230 V AC, 85 ... 253 V AC/DC
20 ... 40 V AC/DC
ProtectionFront: IP 65
Weightapprox. 200 g
Mountingmounting clips with screws, connection by means of a terminal strip.
Housingsolid plastic

Delivery contents
1 x  PCE-N24S pressure indicator (1, 2 or 3), fixing material, joint and user's manual
Available versions of the PCE-N24S pressure indicator (please select)
PCE-N24S-1 Power supply: 230 V AC
PCE-N24S-2 Power supply: 85 ... 253 V AC/DC
Sensor power supply. 24 V / 30 mA
PCE-N24S-3 Power supply: 20 ... 40 V AC/DC
Sensor power supply: 24 V / 30 mA
Additional components
- PCE-PD14 programming adapter
To set the different parameters of the PCE-N24 series pressure indicators the PCE-PD14 adapter is required. By means of the included software the PCE-N24S digital display can be set through the USB port.