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Digital Universal Indicator PCE-N24S

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Digital Universal Indicator PCE-N24S
4 digits LED display of 20 mm/ front panel IP 65 / optional power of the sensor / for normalized signals  4 ... 20 mA / setting by means of the software

The digital universal indicator is used for the signal processing of  4...20 mA. The digital universal indicator offers a wide field of application due to the fact that its signal can be freely scaled. The digital universal indicator universal indicator has a 5-digit LED display to allow the user to directly read current measured values. The power supply of the optional sensor of 24 V enables a direct connection to two-thread sensors or transducers to simplify the use of the digital universal indicator universal indicator.

The three digital universal indicator universal indicator models have different power supply. The digital universal indicator universal indicator can be powered by 230 V, 85 ... 253 V or 20 ... 40 V. The setting is carried out by the license free LPCon software. By means of the PCE-PD14 programming adapter both settings can be performed and measured values can be read on the digital universal indicator universal indicator. Settings can be recorded and recalled.


- IP 65 in the front
- for 4-20 mA signals
- connection by means of a screw terminal
- sensor power supply: 24 V (PCE-N24S-2
  and 3)
- setting-up via the software
- LED display


Technical specifications
Input3.6 mA ... 4 mA ... 20 mA ... 22 mA
Accuracy± (0.2 % FS + 1 digits)
Internal impedance10 Ω ± 1 %
Scale2 points
Display4 digits and 7 segments LED display, height: 20 mm
Range-19,999 ... 99,999
 Sensor power supply
 (only PCE-N24S-2 and -3)
24 V DC, max. 30 mA
Environmental temperature
Operation: -10 ... 55 ºC
Storage: -25 ... +85 ºC
Dimensions96 x 48 x 64 mm
Dimensions for panel installation92 x 45 mm (to meet the DIN standard)
Power voltage230 V AC, 85 ... 253 V AC/DC
20 ... 40 V AC/DC
ProtectionFront: IP 65
Weightapprox. 200 g
Mountingmounting clips with screws, connection by means of a terminal strip.
Housingsolid plastic

Delivery Scope

1 x Digital Universal Indicator PCE-N24S (1, 2 or 3)
1 x fixing material
1 x joint
1 x user's manual