Trade Approved Scales PCE-PM 3 T

Order no.: PCE-PM 3 T
Verification for Trade / conformity assessment

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robust, Trade Approved scales calibrated according to EU Class III with counting function, Tare memory, adjustable RS-232 interface
The favorable calibrated Trade Approved scale PCE-PM ... T series is an almost unrivaled verifiable precision scale thanks to its features and options. The calibrated Trade Approved scale is calibrated according to EU Class III. This affordable, robust verifiable Bench Scale is a revised version of our successful fine-scale PCE-LSM series that will be used and appreciated in many laboratories and pharmacies. In thisfavourable verifiable table Trade Approved scale, the robustness and the functions and options are provenfor use in the laboratory and in industry. The housing of the fine scales is made of durable plastic and double beam load cell with strain gauges that guarantee low-maintenance work. The standard functions such as counting, auto tare, gross / net weighing, storing the tare weight, brief increase of readability at the touch of a button, settings of the built-in RS-232 interface (optional scale software) for problem-free connection to a PC or printer makethese calibrated scalesso versatile. Furthermore, you can equip the robust table calibrated Trade Approved scale with a variety of additional functions. Thus, the favorable verifiable Trade Approved scale with percentage weighing, average determination, max.weight determination, recipe weighing, density determination, limit value weighing, and is even available with analog output 4-20mA. A more detailed description of the many features can be found below. If you value good quality, you can use the convenient table calibrated Trade Approved scale as a non-verified bench scale. To this end, we have an ISO calibration certificate, which allows you to meet your ISO standards.

-piece counting
-RS-232 interface
-robust plastic housing
-Tare weightstorage
-Auto tare function
-Gross / net weight button
-Readability Key max. readability
-Dust / splash protection IP 54
-Scale is delivered calibrated
-Analog output optional
-ISO calibration certificate available
A calibrated Trade Approved balance is e.g. required in the production of various medicines in pharmacies as well as for analyses in the medical and pharmaceutical laboratory. Thebalance must be officially verified if it is used as follows:
a) In commercial transactions if the price of a commodity is determinedby the precision scale.
b) In the production of medicines in pharmacies as well as for analyses in the medical and pharmaceutical laboratory.
c) For official purposes such as determining fees, duties, and penalties. Further, in reports for the courts.
d) In the production of prepackaged items.
Each Trade Approved scale is examined by the Bureau of Standards and provided with the calibration mark. This accuracy is confirmed by the permissible calibration tolerance. The scope of the EU-calibration extends to all the EU member states (European Union).
Technical Data
Model Weighing range
Calibration value
Minimum load
Weighing plate
PCE-PM 3 T 3,000 1 *0.1 1 20 225 x 165

* short-term max. Readability (5 sec.)by pressing the button on the HR scale

Verification class III
Counting function with reference numbers of e.g. 5, 10 or 50 pieces
Piece weight at piece counting 0g
Overall dimension 235 x 250 x 65 mm
Tare range as weighing range (100 %)
Interface RS-232
Software optional accessory
Settling time ca. 2 seconds
Working temperature -10 ... +40 °C
Protection class IP 54
Power supply 230V 50Hz 6VA / = 12V, 0.6A

Delivery Contents
1 x calibrated Trade Approved balance PCE-PM 3 T, 1 x power supply, User manual