Moisture Analyzing Balance PCE-MA 60XT

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Moisture Analyzer Balance PCE-MA 60XT up to max. 60 g sample weight / measuring resolution 0.1 mg = 0.0001 g = 0.001 % moisture content
drying temperature up to 160°C / 5" touch color display / internal product database / measurement data as TXT file directly storable on USB stick

The precision moisture analyzer enables accurate and simple moisture determination in a wide range of materials. The sample is automatically weighed, dried and the weight loss is displayed as moisture content. This measuring principle does not require any time-consuming creation of characteristic curves and is immediately ready for use shortly after installation.

For the weighing task, the precision moisture analyzer has an electromagnetic load cell installed which registers the weight loss with a measuring resolution of 0.1 mg = 0.0001 g. For drying the sample, a moisture analyzer is installed in the sample chamber. To dry the sample, a 400 watt halogen round lamp is installed in the lid to ensure uniform heat distribution.

To avoid burning the sample, the user of the moisture analyzer can access the internal product database or set the drying temperature between 35 °C and 160 °C in 1 °C steps, product specific. The product database has preset drying parameters that can be easily expanded and changed by the user.

- Sample weight max. 60 g
- Readability 0.1 mg = 0.0001 g = 0.001 % humidity
- Round 400 watt IR halogen lamp
- Drying temperature adjustable from 35 °C up to 160 °C in 1 °C steps
- Sample dish size Ø100 mm / h= 8 mm
- 5" color touch display
- Memory for up to 300 performed moisture determinations
- Data transfer as TXT file to USB stick directly possible
- User database / product database / measurement database

Measuring principle Gravimetric moisture determination
Weighing range (Max) 60 g
Readability 0.1 mg / 0.0001 g / 0.001 % humidity
Weighing electronics Electromagic force compensation cell
Repeatability Weight measurement ± 0.0003g
Moisture measurement ± 0.18 % (referred to 2 g sample)
Sample weight Min. 2 g / Max. 60 g
Sample area approx. Ø 100 mm / height max. 25 mm
Determination options Moisture content % / Dry content % / ATRO % / Weight
End of measurement no weight loss / time lapse / manual
Drying temperature range +35 ... +160 °C in 1°C steps
Heating profiles Standard / Fast / Mild / Steps
Heating element 400 Watt IR round heater
Databases 300 measurement protocols performed
Drying database for over 30 products
User database for 10 users
Interface RS-232 / USB-A for USB stick
Display 5" touch color display
Menu language German / English / French / Italian / Spanish
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
PCE-MA 60XT-US 110 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions 345 x 215 x 235 mm
Weight 6,1 kg
Recommended calibration weight     50 g

1 x moisture analyzer balance PCE-MA 60XT
10 x aluminum sample trays,
1 x cold appliance plug