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Moisture Balance

Order no.: PCE-MA 110

PCE-MA 110 is a halogen moisture balance that functions on the gravimetric or loss on drying (LOD) principle. The moisture balance uses the halogen method to dry the material sample. The moisture balance determines moisture content based on the weight difference before and after the drying procedure. Calibration of the moisture balance can be performed at any time using the automatic calibration function and the included 100 g weight.

- Weighing range: 0.01 g ... 110 g / 0.0035 ... 3.88 oz
- Weighing resolution or readability: 0.1 g / 10 mg
- Moisture content measuring range: 0 ... 100%
- Moisture content resolution or readability: 0.1%
- Adjustable drying time and temperature
- Memory stores up to 15 drying profiles

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
US$ 1,038.00

ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs

Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-MA 200

PCE-MA 200 is an oven-drying moisture analyzer for weighing and heating material samples to determine moisture content. The heating chamber is heated by halogen lamps up to 199 °C. In this chamber, the moisture analyzer or moisture balance dries the sample to be weighed, and then calculates the moisture content from the weight difference.

- Testing or weighing sample capacity: 200 g / 7.05 oz
- Moisture content measurement range: 0 ... 100 %
- Readout, readability or resolution: 1 mg / 0.001 g 
- Adjustable drying temperature and time
Accuracy to 0.01 %

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
US$ 1,297.00

ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs

Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-MA 50X
The moisture balance PCE-MA 50X is an innovative solution for the fast and highly accurate determination of moisture in a wide variety of materials. The precision weighing scale uses weighing technology from the moisture balance range and is operated in combination with a drying chamber.

- Weighing range: 50 g / 0.11 lbs
- Readability: 0.1 mg = 0.0001 g / 0.0001%
- Especially for very dry samples such as ABS / PET etc.
- Drying temperature max. 160°C / 320°F
- Database with drying parameters for eg ABS, Crastin, Aramid...
- Stores the measurement data of the last 5,000 drying cycles
- Automatic chamber opens and closes without contact
- Non-contact control thanks to IR sensors
- Quickly import and export stored data using a USB flash drive
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
US$ 1,978.00

ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs

Test Instruments manufacturer