LAB Scale PCE-ABT 220-DAkkS Incl. DAkkS Calibration Certificate

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LAB Scale with Touchscreen
Analytical balance with windshield / Weighing range to 220 g / 
RS232 interface for connection to a PC / 5" Touchscreen / Resolution 0.1 mg 

The laboratory scale is a high-precision analytical balance with a measuring range of up to 220 g. The analytical balance has a resolution of 0.1 mg. Due to this low resolution, even the smallest air turbulence in a room can influence the weighing result of the analytical balance. To counteract this, the analytical balance is equipped with a draft shield. This makes the analytical balance with touchscreen ideal for laboratory use. In order to carry out a precise weighing with the analytical balance, the draft shield is opened, the weighing sample is placed on the platform and then the draft shield is closed. 

The weighing plate of the touch screen scales has a diameter of 80 mm, so that aluminum sample or Petri dishes used in the laboratory fit exactly on the weighing pan. To ensure the long-term accuracy of the analytical balance, the balance is equipped with an internal calibration function. For the user of the touch screen analytical balance, a single point calibration & multi-point calibration with external weights, as well as a quick calibration with internal calibration weight are available.

It often happens that the surface of the measurement setup is not even. Thanks to the built-in spirit level and the adjustable feet, the analytical balance can also be set and aligned on sloping surfaces. The built-in RS232 interface allows a direct connection between the touchscreen analytical balance and a PC. Thus, the measured data can be transferred from the analytical balance directly to the PC and evaluated.

A special feature of the analytical balance is the large LCD touch screen. The weighing result is shown here in large numbers on the 5" LC display in units of g, oz, ct and mg. The flat surface of the touchscreen, without mechanical buttons, makes it easier to clean the analytical balance, especially in laboratory applications.

- 5" Touchscreen
- Weighing range to 220 g
- 0.1 mg Resolution
- Piece counting, percent weighing, density determination
- RS232 data interface 
- Spirit level for aligning the analytical balance
- Weighing plate of 80 mm
- Wind shield
- Switchable units g, oz, ct, mg

Measuring range 0 ... 220 g
Resolution 0.1 mg
Measurement accuracy ± 0.5 mg
Repeatability ± 0.2 mg
Linearity ± 0.5 mg
Calibration internal
Weighing surface Ø 80 mm stainless steel weighing pan
Settling time < 4 s
Adjustable units g, oz, ct, mg
Environmental conditions 10 ... 40 °C, <85 % r.H. not condensing
Touchscreen 5"
Interface RS232
Power supply 220 V AC
Dimensions 340 x 215 x 350 mm
Weight 8.5 kg

1 x LAB Scale PCE-ABT 220-DAkkS with touchscreen
1 x Gloves
1 x Test weight
1 x Power cord
1 x User manual
1 x DAkkS calibration certificate