Firmware upgrade to 1/3 octave band filter

Order no.: PCE-OCT II
US$ 402.00
ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs
Available in: 1-2 days
Upgrade for the PCE-428, PCE-430 or PCE-432 sound level meter from octave band filter to 1/3 octave band filter. Normal 1/1 octave band for PCE-430/432 displays 12 bands. The 1/3 octave band displays 36 bands from 6.3 Hz to 20 kHz and associated bar graphs. The PCE-428 upgrade only displays from 20 to 12.5 kHz. Thresholds can be set for each band.

- Upgrade to 1/3 octave band filter with 36/29 bands
- The firmware and the upgrade program are sent by email for follow on orders.

Note: New orders receive the unlock code for this feature in the meter delivery contents that is added to the device menu by the customer. For a add on order, please indicate the serial number of the sound level meter when ordering the 1/3 octave kit (see option field)
- 1/3 octave spectra with 36 to 29 bands filter firmware addition

- Unlock code is provided in kit on new orders