Water Analysis Meter PCE-CM 41

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Conductivity/EC, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Temperature
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Water Analysis Meter for EC and TDS (amount of salts and dissolved solid materials) 

With the Water Analysis Meter PCE-CM 41 it is possible to measure conductivity value, the amount of all the solid material or dissolved salts  (TDS - Total Dissolved Solids) and the temperature. The Meter is very easy to carry everywhere thanks to its small size. The water resistant enclosure protects properly the electronics (it also protects against dust). The measurement of EC and TDS conductivity has an automatic temperature compensation. The Conductivity Tester has a wide field of application and can be used in the industry, fish farming, horticulture and others.

- Two measurement ranges for a high accuracy.
- Measures conductivity, TDS value and temperature (3 devices in one)
- TDS factor can be selected
- Auto shut-off: to protect battery life.
- Temperature in ºC or °F
- Water resistant (IP 67)

Measurement range EC conductivity   0...2000 µS/cm, 0...20 mS/cm
Resolution EC conductivity 1 µS/cm , 0.01 mS/cm
Accuracy EC conductivity ± 1 % of the measurement range
Measurement range salinity TDS
0...2000 mg/l (ppm), 20000 mg/l (ppm)
Resolution salinity TDS 1 ppm (<1320 ppm),10 ppm(>1320 ppm)
Accuracy salinity TDS ±3 % of the measurement range
Measurement temperature 0.0...+60 °C / 32 ... 140 °F
Resolution temperature 0.1 °C
Accuracy temperature ±0.8 °C
TDS 1 ppm (<1320 ppm) 10 ppm(>1320 ppm)
Calibration 1413 µS/cm
Operating conditions 0...+60 °C / 32 ... 140 °F / 80% r.H.
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V batteries type AAA (incl.)
Dimensions 186 x 40 mm (HxW)
Weight 130 g

1 x PCE-CM 41 Water Analysis Meter
4 x batteries
1 x user manual