Vibration Meter PCE-VM 25

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Machine vibration
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Vibration Meter to monitor machines and roller bearing /
contact-free temperature and rotational speed determination / OLED- color display / 
graphic display / data storage for 16,000 measurement values / USB interface

The PCE-VM 25 Vibration Meter is designed for engine monitoring to assure a smooth operation of machines. Due to its simple application, the Vibration Meter can be used for the measurement of a large range of parameters including acceleration, velocity and displacement. The Vibration Meter not only shows the effective value but also the peak value and crest factor. The Vibration Meter delivers detailed information on the current state as well as past history of the measurement values due to a spectral analysis and a tendency prognosis. Measured data can be transferred to a computer via a USB connection in order to evaluate it there in an optionally purchasable software. This allows long-term measurements to be recorded and reviewed in detail. Even if the data is not transferred, the Vibration Meter has enough data storage capacity to save 16,000 measured values internally. There is also the option of purchasing VMID measurement slots.

- Graphic diagram of tendency
- Output for headphones
- Multiple languages 
- OLED display 
- Automatic. recognition of measuring location due to sensor foot
- Pocket design

Vibration acceleration 0.1 ... 240 m/s², 0.2 Hz ... 10 kHz,
3 Hz ... 1 kHz, 1 kHz ... 10 kHz


Vibration velocity

0.1 ... 1000 mm/s,
2 ... 300 Hz, 10 ... 1000 Hz
Vibration displacement 0.01 ... 60 mm, 2 ... 300 Hz
Diagnosis Parameter K(t) for roller bearing 1 ... 10 kHz, with data storage for 1600 initiation values (eff. / peak)
Effective Value Measurement Yes
Peak Value measurement Yes
Crest Factor Measurement Yes
Measurement Accuracy (oscillation) ±5%, ±2 digits
Revolution Measurement 1 ... 9999 rpm, optical
Temperature Measurement -40 ... +125 °C / -40 ... 257 °F ±2 K, infrared
Frequency Analysis 125 lines FFT;
Acceleration / Speed
7 frequency ranges 2 to 11712 Hz
Output for headphones 3.5mm via adapter VM2xHP,
volume adjustable
Interface USB
Data storage for measured value 16000 values, opt. computer software to administer measured data and measurement slots
Display OLED Graphic Display; Colored; 128 x 160 pixels
Voltage Supply 3 x LR03 / HR03 / AAA batteries or NiMH batteries, operation time 8 ... 12h
Operation Temperature -20 ... +60 °C, <95 % air humidity without condensing
Dimensions 125 mm x 65 mm x 27 mm / 4.9 in x 2.6 in x 1.1 in
Weight 140g / 0.3 lbs with batteries, without sensors
Technical Specifications
Output Low Power IEPE
Piezo System Shear Principle
Nominal Sensitivity 3.5mV/ms-2
Sensitivity for Irrelevant Parameters <5%
Dimensions Ø 21 mm / 0.8 in, height 34 mm / 1.3 in (without socket)
Weight 53g / 1.8oz
Operation Temperature -20 ... +80 °C / -4 ... 176 °F
Sensor Cable Spiral Cable, Stretched length approx. 1.6 m / 5.2 ft, Ø 4 mm / 0.15 in
VMID recognition of measuring slot digital, one-time 16-digit hexa decimal number, read-out via sensor foot, enclosure of stainless steel Ø 25 mm, height 15 mm, 45 g, montage: two-components epoxy adhesive
General Information on VMID-measurement locations
There can be optionally VMID measuring point used for the analysis. These are magnetic coupling parts made of stainless steel, that have a digital serial number. This serial number can be transferred through a read-out contact inside the sensor's bottom via the sensor cable. By using these fixed measuring points it is guaranteed that the relevant locations can be measured again and again.

1 x PCE-VM 25 Vibration Meter
1 x Vibration Meter Sensor with Magnet and Spiral Cable
1 x VMID Measurement Location
1 x USB cable
1 x Head Phone Adapter
1 x Calibration Certificate
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Plastic case