Test Stand PCE-HTS 50

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Horizontal force test stand with 500 N force range / Adjustable limit value buttons / Manual and automatic mode / Various measuring systems can be used /
Emergency stop switch / Running speed with a resolution of 1 mm/min

The horizontal force measuring stand has a force range of 500 N. With a travel of 270 mm, tensile strengths of large or elastic test objects can be checked. With the horizontal force measuring stand, the travel speed can be precisely set in 1 mm/min steps between 1… 500 mm/min. The horizontal force measuring stand is used, for example, in the quality inspection of foils, rubber bands or ropes.

The travel speed and travel mode can be set as desired on the horizontal force measuring stand. In manual mode, the horizontal force measuring stand only moves when the travel button is pressed. In automatic mode, this is done automatically. As soon as the clamping device has moved to a limit switch, the horizontal force measuring station stops automatically.

With the horizontal force measuring stand, the limit switches can be set as desired. This means that the travel path can be limited as required. This has several advantages. The limitation can thus prevent the measuring device from moving into the chuck. Another advantage is that, depending on the application, the tensile length can be defined during a tensile test.

In addition to the test stand, PCE Instruments also offers suitable force measurement systems that can be mounted on the horizontal force measurement stand. Different chucks are optionally available for a wide variety of test tasks. A large range of measuring tasks can thus be carried out with a single measuring system.

- Large travel of 270 mm
- Limit value switch to limit the travel distance
- Distance display with zeroing
- Various connectable clamping devices
- Emergency stop switch to switch off
- Force range up to 500 N
Force range 500 N / 50 kg / 110 lb
Travel path270 mm / 10.6"
Distance display resolution   0.02 mm
Speed 1 ... 500 mm/min
Resolution 1 mm/min
Speed accuracy
2 %
Power supply 220 ... 240 V AC, 1.5 A
Fuse 2 A
Ambient conditions 10 ... 30 °C / 50 ... 86 °F, 15 ... 80 % RH
Dimensions 650 x 260 x 200 mm / 25.6 x 10.2 x 7.8"
Weight 40 kg / 88 lb

1 x Horizontal force test stand PCE-HTS 50
1 x Pulse cable for PCE-PFG series (version 1.0.3 or higher)
4 x Rubber feet
2 x Allen keys
1 x Power cable
1 x Instruction manual