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Temperature Sensor

Order no.: PCE-P18S

The Temperature Sensor PCE-P18S measures air humidity and air temperature. The Temperature Sensor calculates the dew point and the absolute humidity from these two values. The measurement data from the Temperature Sensor are output via the Modbus RTU interface.

- Measuring range:  0 ... 100% RH
- Temperature measuring range: -20 ... 60 ° C
- Modbus RTU interface
- Various filters optionally available
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
US$ 97.00

ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs

Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-IR 50

With the temperature sensor PCE-IR 50, surface temperatures can measured quickly and easily. The measuring range of the temperature sensor is 0 ...500 °C / 32 ... 932°F. The measured temperature is output as a 4 ... 20-mA standard signal which means that the temperature sensor can be easily integrated into different monitoring systems, including those in different production processes or food storage as well as the monitoring of electronic systems.

- Measurement range: 0 ... 500°C / 32 ... 932°F
- Accuracy: ± 1.5°C or ± 1%
- Optical resolution: 15:1
- Output signal: 4 ... 20-mA standard signal
- For fixed installation (mounting bracket incl.)

Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
US$ 340.00

ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs

Test Instruments manufacturer