Signal Converter PCE-P17l

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Isolating Transformer PCE-P17I
Isolating transformer for galvanic isolation from 0 to 20 mA signals/ Power supply via electricity loop/ merely 6 mm wide / rail mounting / specially for PCE-P18
The isolating transformer PCE-P17I is used when signals must be galvanically isolated from each other. For example, the Isolating Transformer PCE-P17I separates interconnected masses. When transducers or transmitters don’t have an isolating transformer, the masses are oftentimes interconnected. The consequence of this is that measuring errors appear due to signal interferences. The isolating transformer prevents this problem. The isolating transformer is often applied in order to use both of the PCE-P18’s power signals.

- Galvanic isolation of 0 to 20 mA signals
- Power supply via current loop
- Low installation width
- Mounting on DIN rail
- Filters out high frequency noise
- Simple installation

Technical Specification of the Isolating Transformer PCE-P17I
Input signal0 ... 10 V
Reaction stream150 uA
Max. input electricity40 mA
Max. input Voltage30 V DC
Output signal0 ... 20 mA (4 ... 20 mA)
Load (RLOAD) 0 Ω ... 100 Ω (max. 500 Ω)
Conductor cross-section 0.2 mm ² ... 2.5 mm ² (AWG24-12)
Mounting width 6.2 mm
Power 19 ... 30 V DC
Weight 80 g
Ambient temperature - 20 ° C ... + 65 ° C
Ambient humidity<95% non-condensing

Delivery content of the Isolating Transformer PCE-P17I
1x Isolating Transformer PCE-P17I
1x manual