pH Meter Kit for the Food Industry PCE-PH20M-IR 80-KIT

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pH Meter Kit for the Food Industry PCE-PH20M-IR 80-KIT for pH measurement / Infrared thermometer / Easy to use

In the food industry, the pH value is an important indicator of quality, taste and shelf life in many applications. Regular control of the pH is therefore extremely important. Checking with the puncture pH meter from PCE Instruments is particularly easy, precise and reliable. With the handy puncture pH meter, solid and semi-solid substances such as meat, liquids such as milk or water and viscous media such as quark or cheese can be examined for their pH value in a very short time. The puncture pH meter is provided with a special, external electrode that is particularly suitable for use in the food sector.Puncture pH meter in use.The protection of the sensitive glass electrode by a stainless steel blade also enables solid substances to be checked. The use of the puncture pH meter is simple and, thanks to the robust and waterproof housing, unproblematic even under difficult measuring conditions. It is sufficient to immerse or insert the electrode into the measuring medium. The measurement results can then be read off quickly on the large digital display of the puncture pH meter. In order to save the currently measured value, the manufacturer has equipped the puncture pH meter with a practical data hold function. The measuring range of the puncture pH meter extends from 0.0 to 14.0 pH. The puncture pH meter can be used in the temperature range between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius and up to a humidity of 80 percent RH. To save the battery, the puncture pH meter has an automatic switch-off function: When not in use, the meter switches off automatically after ten minutes.


Puncture meat pH meter in use.

The puncture pH meter is delivered factory-adjusted, but can be calibrated at any time if necessary. This is important in order to ensure the highest possible accuracy over the entire service life. The recalibration should take place at certain intervals or after changing the pH electrode. Ideally, the user plans to recalibrate the puncture pH meter after each storage or before each use. The pH meter is delivered including the corresponding calibration solutions. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the puncture pH meter electrode with distilled water after each measurement.


Areas of application for penetration pH meters

The robust penetration PH meter from PCE Instruments is the ideal companion for quality control of food. The PCE puncture pH meter is ideal for checking food.It is particularly suitable for pH measurements in food. This can be liquids, jelly-like or semi-solid media such as jam, meat or cheese. Regular control of the pH value is of great importance for the quality, consistency and shelf life of many foods. A special pH meter to determine the pH value is therefore necessary. The puncture pH meter from PCE Instruments combines ease of use and reliability with a compact design. Its simple operation, the waterproof housing and the flexible application possibilities make the puncture pH meter irreplaceable in quality control. The measuring device is preferably used in the food industry in laboratories and research. Due to its uncomplicated use, it is also suitable for inexperienced users.


The PCE puncture pH meter is ideal for checking food.


The pH electrode must be kept moist in order to be able to deliver accurate measurement results over a long period of time. The right storage solution is available from PCE Instruments. pH electrodes drift over time, which can lead to measurement errors. To ensure high accuracy, the puncture pH meter should be calibrated regularly with the calibration solution available from PCE Instruments (pH 4.01 and pH 7.01). PCE Instruments also offers the CAL-PCE-PH ISO calibration certificate for pH meters. Calibration certificates are issued specifically for customers; the annual recalibration can also be carried out via PCE Instruments. For optimal cleaning of the puncture pH meter, the cleaning solution pepsin / hydrochloric acid PCE-GCS-500 (500ml) is available from PCE Instruments. In order to optimally protect the puncture pH meter and the accessories during transport and storage, the manufacturer recommends using the separately available case with a rigid foam insert.

Temperature measuring device
Food thermometer for non-contact and contact measurement / Up to 330°C / Probe made of stainless steel / Easy operation 

The food thermometer is used to quickly check the temperature of food. The food thermometer is used in large kitchens, catering services, cold stores and warehouses. The food thermometer has two types of measurement. On the one hand, the food thermometer can measure the temperature of the object without contact using infrared. Here the measuring range is -35 ... 330°C / -31 ... 626°F. The emissivity of the food thermometer can be adjusted so that the best measurement results can always be achieved.

On the other hand, the food thermometer has a stainless steel penetration sensor, so that the measuring device can also be used as a penetration, food thermometer. If the core temperature is measured using this method, the food thermometer can measure in the range between -20 ... 260°C. The unit of the penetration thermometer can be switched between °C and °F. The fast response time of 10 ms and high resolution of 0.1°C complete the scope of the food thermometer. The thermometer is supplied with a CR2032 battery.

- Waterproof (IP 67)
- Special external measuring electrode on cable
- High accuracy
- Auto-power-off to save the battery
- Supplied including calibration solutions
- Data hold function
- Easy-to-read digital display
- Easy application

- IR thermometer up to 330°C / 626°F
- Contact measurement up to 260°C / 500°F
- For frozen, cold and hot food
- Easy to read LCD display
- CR2032 battery
- Adjustable emissivity
Measuring range 0.00 ... 14.00 pH
Resolution0.01 pH
Accuracy ± 0.07 pH (in the range 5 ... 9 pH)
± 0.1 pH (in the range 4 ... 4.9 and 9.1 ... 10 pH)
± 0.2 pH (in the range 1. .. 3.9 and 10 ... 13 pH)
Calibration Automatically, at pH 4, 7 or 10 using calibration Solutions
Electrode Food pH electrode CPC-OSH-12-01 BNC connector
Power supply 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Environmental conditions   0 ... 60°C / 32 ... 140°F, < 80% rh
Dimensions180 x 40 mm / 7.1 x 1.6 in
Weight 220 g / < 1 lb
PCE-IR 80  
Measurement type infrared 
Measuring range-35 ... 330°C / -31 ... 626°F
Resolution 0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy-35 ... 0°C / -31 ... 32°F : ± 4°C / 7.2°F, > 0°C / 32°F: ± 2% of mv ± 2°C / 3.6°F
Measurement type penetration sensor  
Measuring range -20 ... 260°C / -4 ... 500°F
Resolution0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy± 1% of meas. Mw. ± 1.5°C / 2.7°F
Measuring spot ratio4: 1
Emissivity Adjustable 0.1 ... 1.0
Response time10 ms
Spectral range8 ... 14 µm
Power supply 3.0V CR2032 battery
Operating conditions0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F max. 80% RH
WeightApprox. 100 g / < 1 lb
Dimensions 151 x 41 x 20 mm / 5.9 x 1.6 x 0.8 in

1 x PCE-PH20M-IR 80-KIT
1 x Infrared thermometer PCE-IR 80
1 x pH electrode CPC-OSH-12-01 (for food)
4 x Batteries
1 x Battery 3.0V CR2032
1 x Calibration kit with solutions pH4 + 7 (75 ml bottle each)
1 x Operating manual