Soil Moisture Meter PCE-SMM 1

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Soil Moisture Meter PCE-SMM 1

Moisture meter for determining moisture in the soil / with 250 mm probe / measuring range up to 50% / waterproof Information about the Soil Moisture Meter

The amount of the water content in the soil plays an important role in many sectors in the agriculture, horticulture and environmental protection. It is so, because the moisture of the soil allows, among other things, making conclusions about characteristics, fertility and water storage capacity. The PCE Instruments Soil Moisture Meter with a 250-millimetre-long probe has been specifically designed to quickly, easily and accurately measure the moisture content of soils.

The user-friendly soil moisture meter reliably displays the water content in soils in the range of 0 to 50 percent with a resolution of 0.1 percent.The soil moisture meter PCE-SMM 1 for waterproof information. The application of the soil moisture meter is simple and effective. After the sensor with two-pole moisture electrode is plugged onto the housing, the probe can be fixed by screwing the ring tight. When the protective cap of the sensor head is removed, the soil moisture meter is ready for use. To determine the water content in the soil, the probe of the soil moisture meter should be placed at least ten centimetres deep into the soil. The results of the measurement are then presented quickly on the large and easy-to-read LC display of the soil moisture meter. The manufacturer has equipped the soil moisture meter with a convenient data recording function that stores minimum and maximum values of a measurement. The compact dimensions and the battery operation enable mobile use of the soil moisture meter while the stable and waterproof plastic housing protects the internal components even in harsh operating conditions. To ensure that the battery-operated soil moisture meter is always ready for use, the device always indicates timely when a battery change is necessary. The soil moisture meter can be used in the temperature range between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius and at a humidity level of up to 80 percent.


The soil moisture meter PCE-SMM 1 for agriculture.The soil moisture meter guarantees maximum reliability and precision. Therefore, the device is an ideal companion for those who need to determine the characteristics of the soils, check the fertility or to control the irrigation activities. With the help of the soil moisture meter, the water content in soils can be determined quickly and easily. The soil moisture meter suits therefore excellently for reliable immediate analysis in agriculture, horticulture and environmental protection, the application of this very easy-to-use device is versatile. The waterproof case allows easy cleaning and use in all weather conditions. Due to the battery operation, the soil moisture meter, designed as a handy and robust device, can be used anytime and anywhere. Its ease of use makes the soil moisture meter indispensable during the inspection of the soils and also suitable for inexperienced users.

Soil moisture

Soil is called completely saturated with water when all the pores in the soil are filled with water. Due to the gravity, some part of the water seeps into the deeper soil layers. This vertically moving water eventually becomes groundwater. Soil moisture or the water bound on the surface because of the surface tension and capillary forces is not groundwater and is therefore also referred to as adhesive water. The soil moisture is divided into five moisture classes (wet, moist, fresh, dry, arid). The important factors which determine the receptivity or capacity to store water in the near-to-surface layers are pore sizes and the density of the soil since they define the water retention capacity.

- Easy to use
- Moisture measurement range up to 50 %
- Resolution of 0.1 %
- Large LCD display
- 250 mm / 9.84" long probe
- Minimum, maximum and data hold functions
- Battery level indicator
- Water-resistant ABS plastic housing
- Ideal for agriculture, crop science, horticulture, botany, landscaping, gardening and environmental testing applications

Moisture measurement range 0 ... 50 %
Resolution0.1 %
Accuracy±5 % + 5 dígits
Measurement timeApprox. 0.8 second
Operating conditions0 ... 50 ºC / 32 ... 122 ºF, < 80 % RH
Input currentApprox. 5 mA
WeightApprox. 267 g / 0.60 lb
Power supply4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
Total length374 mm / 14.7"

1 x PCE-SMM 1 soil moisture meter
4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
1 x user manual