Moisture Meter

Order no.: PMP
PMP is a portable handheld moisture meter used to take quick, accurate, nondestructive measurements of the moisture or water content and temperature of paper products. Ideal for stacks and rolls of paper products. Minimum material thickness is 25 mm or 1-inch.

- Moisture content range: 1 ... 15%
- Temperature range: 0 ... +50 °C / +32 ... +122 °F
- Resolution: 0.1%
- Measuring depth 20 mm / 0.8"
- Large internal memory stores up to 10,000 values

Manufacturer: Messtechnik Schaller GmbH
US$ 1,064.00

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Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: FMD 6

The FMD 6 is a handy multifunction moisture meter for reliable measurement of the moisture content of paper, wood and construction materials. The multifunction moisture meter has preset characteristic curves for the moisture measurement of specific materials. The moisture meter needs external sensors (sold separately - please see accessory list) to operate. The sensors can be positioned on the surface of a material or inserted into a material, thereby permitting either non-destructive or destructive measurement.

- Measuring range: 5-99% for wood / 0-99% for building materials
- Resolution: 0.1%
- Accuracy: ±0.2%
- Memory stores up to 1,000 measurement values for transfer to PC using
  included software

Manufacturer: Brookhuis Applied Technologies B.V.
US$ 1,095.00

ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs

Test Instruments manufacturer