IoT Sensor - Roughness Tester PCE-RT 1200BT-ICA inc. ISO Calibration Cert.

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ISO Calibration Wireless
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Bluetooth IoT Sensor - Roughness Tester PCE-RT 1200BT-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
Micro USB interface / Positioning device / Various measurement parameters / App connection via Bluetooth / Optionally with Bluetooth printer / Data memory for 20 measurement processes

With this portable Bluetooth IoT sensor - roughness tester, you can quickly and precisely measure the roughness of a wide variety of surfaces. To do this, the IoT sensor with Bluetooth is placed on the surface to be tested. With the positioning device, the roughness meter can be aligned on a wide variety of surfaces. A measurement with the IoT sensor can be carried out at the touch of a button. After the measurement has been carried out, the measured value is shown to the operator on the display of the IoT sensor. A progress diagram of the surface is also shown on the display.

When measuring the surface roughness, there are various measurement parameters that provide information about the roughness of the surface, for example the maximum roughness depth, the mean roughness depth and many other measurement parameters. After a measurement has been carried out, these can be displayed in the data memory of the Bluetooth IoT sensor.

After each measurement of the roughness, the recorded measured values ​​are saved in the IoT sensor with Bluetooth. Up to 20 measurement sequences can be saved with the IoT sensor. In order to process or analyze these further, the Bluetooth IoT sensor can be connected to a PC via the micro-USB interface and read out, analyzed and further processed using the free software in the download portal.

This IoT sensor has a Bluetooth interface. This Bluetooth interface can be used to establish a direct connection with an Android device. This has several advantages. The stored data can be displayed and analyzed directly on the Android device. The measured values ​​measured by the IoT sensor can also be exported and forwarded by the mobile device. In addition to transferring the measured values, it is also possible to control the Bluetooth IoT sensor via the connected mobile device. This means that the measurement parameters can be set directly on the IoT sensor. At the same time, a measurement process can be started with the Bluetooth IoT sensor via the Bluetooth interface. This has the particular advantage that, in contrast to starting via the buttons on a roughness meter, no vibrations are transmitted to the IoT sensor. As a result, the operator receives a more precise and at the same time more reliable measurement result from the Bluetooth IoT sensor.

- Very compact
- Easy to handle
- A large OLED display
- 4 measurable parameters of roughness
- The probe of the roughness meter consists of a high-quality diamond
- The display of the roughness meter outputs the measured values in tabular form
- The measured values can also be output by the roughness meter as a graph
- A micro-USB interface for online data transmission to a PC (for example useful for serial measurement or laboratory measurement)
- An internal rechargeable battery (3000 measurements with one battery charge (Li-ion))
- Bluetooth
- App

- incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

Measurement parametersRa, Rz, Rq, Rt
Measuring rangesRa, Rq: 0.005 ... 16.00 µm / 0.197 ... 629.921 µin
Rz, Rt: 0.002 ... 200.0 µm / 0.079 ... 7874.016 µin
Radius probe tip5 µm/ 196.850 µin
Material probe tipDiamond, 90° angled
Max. recommended force for static measurement  4 mN (0.4 gf)
Radius longitudinal guide bar45 mm / 1.77"
StandardsANSIB46.1/ASMEB46.1 (DIN EN ISO 4287)
Maximum driving distance15 mm / 0.59"
Measuring principleInductive
Cut-off wavelength0.25 mm / 0.8 mm / 2.5 mm / 0.009" / 0.03" / 0.098"
Testing speed0.135 mm/s at cut-off wavelength: 0.25 mm
0.5 mm/s at cut-off wavelength: 0.8 mm
1 mm/s at cut-off wavelength: 2.5 mm
Reversing speed: 1 mm/s
Measuring accuracy< ± 10%
Repeatability< 6%
Unitsμm / μinch (switchable)
InterfaceMicro-USB, Bluetooth
Power supplyRechargeable Li-ion battery
Dimensions L x W x H150 x 60 x 43 mm / 5.9 x 2.36 x 1.69 in
Weight370 g / < 1 lb

1 x IoT Sensor - Roughness Tester PCE-RT 1200BT-ICA
1 x Micro-probe
1 x Downloadable Software
1 x Roughness standard
1 x USB cable
1 x Charging adapter
1 x Carrying case
1 x User manual
1 x ISO Calibration Certificate

N.B. Calibration certificates are issued specifically for the customer and are excluded from the right of return.