Three-Channel Current Data Logger PCE-CR 10

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3-Channel Data Logger PCE-CR 10

Current data logger for 0/4 ... 20 mA / 3 input channels / adjustable memory rate / backlit LCD / SD card storage / storage as XLS  

The current data logger is used to record up to three 0/4 ... 20 mA signals. The current data logger stores the measured process streams on an SD card in Excel format. In addition to storing the measured values, the current data logger also shows them on a large display. The maximum resolution here is 0.01 mA. The device is powered by 6 AA 1.5V batteries or a power supply. To visualize the live-measured values, this current data logger can be connected to the PC via a serial interface.

The current signals are transferred to the data logger via plug-in terminals. The plug-in terminals on the current data logger make it possible to switch between the connected sensors with a mA output relatively quickly and easily. This ensures that the current data logger can be used in operation universally and flexibly. Scaling of the measuring signal is not necessary since the measured values are stored directly as mA. In Excel, the scaling can then conveniently be carried out manually.

Application areas

3-Channel Data Logger PCE-CR 10 Application Area.The current data loggers are used to record the output signals of numerous 0/4 ... 20 mA sensors, for example, during pressure measurement or flow velocity monitoring. Monitoring, registration and evaluation of e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, pH-value ... at the production facilities with the standardized output signals 0 ... 20 mA can be done easily and accurately. Often, customers or suppliers also require a proof of certain process parameters, which you as a manufacturer can conveniently store as a current signal on the machine. The current data logger PCE-CR 10 can be used almost anywhere where a stationary sensor or transmitter has to be tested temporarily. The current data logger is also applicable when the measuring technology should be used as mobile. Even as a manufacturer of products itself, during the operation of machines you can store the essential information as a standard signal directly in the data logger and later evaluate it on a PC or laptop. Thus, the current data loggers also serve for machine monitoring or machine analysis.

Adjustment / Calibration

The current data logger PCE-CR 10 can be issued with an ISO calibration certificate. It is recommended that by default the data loggers are subjected to a check, adjustment and subsequent calibration. The interval of calibration of the current data logger is usually specified in the internal quality manual. This calibration of the current data logger is performed in the calibration laboratory of PCE Instruments.

- Memory on SD card
- 3 measuring channels
- 0/4 ... 20-mA input
- Clamping connection strips
- Save as XLS file
- Large display with lighting
Measuring range0/4 ... 20-mA
Accuracy± (0.5% + 0.02-mA)
Storage rate 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120, 300, 600 seconds
Storage SD card up to 16 GB
DisplayLCD with lighting
Refresh rate display    1s
Power supply6 x 1.5V AA battery
 Plug-in power supply 9V / 800-mA
Operating conditions        0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F, <85% rh
Dimensions132 x 80 x 32 mm / 5.2 x 3.1 x 1.3 in
WeightAbout 190 g / < 1 lb

1 x Current data logger PCE-CR 10
3 x Terminals
1 x SD memory card
1 x Wall holder
1 x Adhesive pad
1 x Manual