dB Data Logger PCE-NDL 10

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dB Data Logger

mobile noise dosimeter with data logger / frequency weighting A and C / time evaluation fast and slow / log interval from 1 ... 3600 seconds / RS-232 and USB interface

DB Data Logger MachineLoud machines, vehicles or voices: an increased noise level has an influence on the well-being and health of the person. Permanent noise pollution can result in massive damage to health. At work or in the private sector it is therefore particularly important to monitor and analyse the noise level. An ideal support in this case is provided by the handy dB data logger from PCE Instruments, which precisely and reliably determines the volume of noise.

The dB data logger is easy to operate and mobile. The meter combines the features of dosimeter, data logger and sound level meter. The dB data logger meets the highest demands and is used for measuring the dose or the sound pressure level (SPL). In order to be able to evaluate the measured data in the best possible way, the dB data logger has an internal measurement data memory in which up to 16.000 data records can be saved. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the noise data logger with an SD card slot, which allows the use of the SD card as an additional storage medium. To transfer the recorded data to a PC, there are two possibilities: the use of the SD card or the RS-232 interface. To analyse the results, no additional software is required, the data can be easily opened in Excel.

With the dB data logger, you can measure the sounds that change slowly, as well as the noise that increases suddenly. For this, the dB data logger has a time weighting (fast / slow). The dB data logger is characterized by an adjustable memory interval, which can be set manually and is between one and 3600 seconds. Finally, the measurement results can be quite practically read out on the LC dot matrix display of the noise data logger. The backlight ensures that the measured values are clearly visible even in unfavourable lighting conditions. If necessary, the dB data logger displays minimum and maximum values, current measured values can be frozen with the hold function on the display. The manufacturer has equipped the noise datalogger with a user-defined measurement configuration (adjustable assessment levels (rating), halving parameters, thresholds, frequency weighting and response time). A precise microphone ensures high accuracy and long-term stability of the noise data logger. To save the battery of the noise data logger when not in use, the meter has a convenient automatic shutdown function.


DB Data Logger FactoryThe dB data logger guarantees a professional monitoring of the noise level, is easy to operate and mobile. Due to its compact design and sturdy housing, the PCE Instruments noise data logger is quickly ready for use, provides user-friendly operation and high accuracy. The dB data logger is indispensable for all the users, who want to monitor the noise level as precisely as possible.

Due to its versatile functions, the dB data logger from PCE Instruments can be used in many areas. The noise datalogger is used, for example, in crafts and industry to measure the machine noise and to document the influence on humans. For example, the dB data logger is also used to precisely determine the noise level increase during the events.

Accessories and Service

PCE Instruments offers also a PCE-NDL 10-MIC microphone, fitting to the dB data logger.

To recalibrate the noise data logger, PCE Instruments offers an acoustic sound calibrator for acoustic instruments. Sound meters are delivered pre-adjusted, but the sensor of the device is subject to a time drift, and with the sound calibrator, the sound meter can be independently recalibrated to continuously obtain the optimal measurement results. An acoustic sound calibrator is an optimal supplement to the dB data logger. In addition to the noise datalogger, PCE Instruments offers the ISO calibration certificate for the sound level meters. The certificate confirms the accuracy of the meter and is often required to comply with DIN ISO 9000. Calibration certificates are issued specifically for the customers, the annual recalibration can also be performed via PCE Instruments.

- low sampling rate

- automatic or manual storage

- storage interval selectable

- backlit LC display

- dose measurement or SPL measurement

Type SPL and dose
Measuring range 30 ... 130 dB (SPL) / 70 ... 130 dB (dose, in 1 dB increments)
Dose rating levels 80, 84, 85, 90 dB
Dose exchange rate 3, 4, 5 or 6 dB
(at 23 ± 5 ° C, < 94 dB)                                                     

± 3.5 dB (31.5 Hz)
± 2.5 dB (63 Hz)
± 2.0 dB (125 Hz)
± 1.9 dB (250 Hz)
± 1.9 dB (500 Hz)
± 1.4 dB (1000 Hz)
± 2.6 dB (2000 Hz)
± 3.6 dB (4000 Hz)
± 5.6 dB (8000 Hz)
Resolution 0.1 dB
Frequency range 31.5 ... 8000 Hz
Frequency weighting A and C
Time evaluation 125 ms (fast) / 1 s (slow)
Data logging Manual (interval must be set to "0") or adjustable automatic
Adjustable auto logging interval 1 ... 3600 s
Sampling rate Approx. 1 second
Storage Internal memory for up to 16,000 readings, SD card slot for 1 ... 4 GB SD card (card included)
Interface RS-232 and USB
Measurement error ≤ 0.1% of the total stored data
Measurement outside range Display of "----"
Functions Data hold, min / max, date / time, auto shutdown (on / off), audible alarm (on / off)
Calibration Internal calibration possible at 94 dB with PCE-SC 42 acoustic calibrator (sold separately - see accessories)
Power supply 6 AAA Batteries or optional power supply
Operating conditions 0 ... +50 ° C (+32 ... +122 ° F), < 85% RH
Display Backlit LCD, 50 x 30 mm (1.97 x 1.18")
Microphone Electric condensation / Ø 12.7 mm (0.5")
Approx. device weight 250 g (0.56 lb)
Approx. device dimensions 132 x 80 x 32 mm (5.20 x 3.15 x 1.26")

1 x PCE-NDL 10 sound level data logger
1 x microphone with clip
1 x SD card
1 x carrying case
1 x carrying strap
1 x user manual