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Panel Meter PCE-N30O-4

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Panel Meter PCE-N30O-4

two counters / tri-color digital display / 2 alarm relays / freely scalable / 2  control inputs / optional analog output and RS-485 /  front 65 IP

The panel meter is a multifunctional counter ideal for industrial use. This panel meter allows to integrate together with the impulse counter function, a measurement function of speed, frequency, periods and reference tests. Thus, with a panel meter you will be able to perform counting calculations, frequency measurement, speed measurement, timing of processes and solve many other applications. Thanks to the internal clock, you will be able to display the current time.

The indication is produced through a three-color LED display that can change color depending on the value of the current measurement. Panel meters and counters of these characteristics often allow a scale-free, ensuring universal use. The panel meter is equipped with two alarm outputs and an output voltage of 24 V for direct connection to sensors. Optionally the unit can be expanded with an analog output and RS-485 interface. Thanks to the protection type IP 65 located on the front, it can be used without problems in harsh industrial environments.


- 2 internal counters

- Front IP 65

- 3 colour indication display

- 2 alarm outputs

- Freely scalable

- Optional RS 485 interface


Technical Specifications
PCE-N30O Impulse Counter model
This is  PCE-N30O-4 Power supply 20 … 40 V AC / DC
2 alarm relays, analog output, (0/4 ... 20 mA /  0 ... 10 V),  RS-485 interface, open collector of alarm output)

 - 3 input counters

 - 2 control signals (start / stop / reset)

Measurement ranges  - Indication range: -19 999...99 999
  - Frequency < 10 kHz: 0,05...99 999 Hz
   -Frequency > 10 kHz: 1 Hz ... 1 MHz
  - Revoluctions: 0,05 ... 99999 r.p.m.
  - Period < 10 s: 0,0001...11 s
  - Period > 10 s: 0,0001...3600 s
  - Execution time: 0...99 999 h
Display  - 5 digits LED of 6 segments with 3 colours
Absorved power  - 6 VA

  - 2 alarm relays 250 V / 0,5 A NO

  - POwer supply: 24 V DC / 30 mA


  - analog output ((0/4 ... 20 mA o 0 ... 10 V)

inerface RS 485

Open collector alarm output: 30 VDC / 30 mA

Environmental temperature

Operating: -25 °C ... +55 °C

Storage: -33 °C ... +70 °C

Dimensions96 x 48 x 93 mm
Dimensions for panel mounting92 mm x 45 mm (según DIN)
Protection typefrontal: IP 65
Weight< 200 g

mounting clips with screws

connection using terminal strips

NormsEN 61010-1 CAT III
Frequency Indicator PCE-N30OSome jobs in industry are very easily solved with a Impulse Counter. While for a temperature measurement or pressure measurement, a current or voltage signal is commonly used ( i.e. to measure  flow with a winged wheel,  a measured frequency is done) . The PCE-N30O Impulse Counter  has a very versatile use. The display settings is made using the front keys. The access to the menus can be protected with a password, which prevents external manipulation. The LED display allows you to change colors depending on the value of the measurement. This allows operating personnel to detect quickly and easily when there are special situations, such as  exceeding a limit value.

Delivery Scope

1 x Impulse Counter PCE-N30O-4
1 x restrain material
1 x user manual