Brightness Tester PCE-CSM 7

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Handheld / Desktop
Internal Sensor
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Portable Brightness Tester PCE-CSM 7 for quality control / PC software included / Lithium-Ion battery / 
black and white calibration / measurement modes for different colors / 
degree of whiteness and yellowness / color measurement of black, white, red, green, yellow and blue

PCE-CSM 7 is a portable brightness tester used to measure different spectral parameters. This user-friendly, ergonomically designed color meter automatically performs a white and black calibration when powered on. Suitable for manufacturing quality control as well as product research and development, the color meter offers impressive measuring accuracy and comes manufacturer calibrated. An optional ISO calibration certificate can be acquired for an additional fee. Useful for determining color difference, chromaticity index, color sample database management, and color difference cumulative analysis. Integrated camera and illumination locating helpful for small samples.

Manufacturers depend on the quality of their products, so to achieve and observe the optical requirements, our portable color meter features the best reliability. When high quantities of goods are produced, all products should have the same look; therefore,  the portable color meter facilitates this job and protects the manufacturer against any expensive failures. It does not matter what product it is, because our portable color meter encapsulates a big color gamut for required measurements. The measurements can be analyzed with our provided software.

- Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
- Automatic white and black calibration
- Steady performance
- Degree of whiteness
- Measurement of different colors
- Application at many surfaces
- Easy measuring steps
- Yellowness and Whiteness color fastness
- CIE 1976 and 1994 Delta options
- 3 light source options
- 8 mm extended aperture option for concave surfaces
Camera/illumination locating for small samples

Illuminating/Viewing Geometry8/d
Measuring ApertureØ8 mm / Ø4 mm
DetectorSilicon photoelectric diode
Color SpaceCIEL*a*b*C*h
CIEL a* b*
CIEL u* v*
Yellowness & Whiteness Color Fastness
Color Difference FormulaΔE*ab; ΔL*ab; ΔE*C*H; ΔECIE94; ΔEHunter
Light sourceD65, D50, A
Light source deviceLED light excitation
Errors between each equipment<=0.40 ΔE*ab
Storage100 pcs. standards, 20,000 pcs. samples
RepeatabilityStandard deviation within ΔE*ab 0.06
Average of 30 measurements of standard white plate
Weight500 g / 17.6 oz
Dimension205 x 70 x 100 mm / 8 x 2.7 x 3.9 in
Power sourceRechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 3.7 V
Charging Time2 hours
Measuring times before rechargingmore than 3000 times
Lamp Life5 years or more than 1.6 million measurements
Operating Temperature / Humidity Range-10 ... +40 °C / 14 ... 104 °F; 0 ... 85% relative humidity, non condensation
Data InterfaceUSB

1 x Brightness Tester PCE-CSM 7
1 x Transport case
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Mains AC adapter
1 x PC-Software
1 x User manual
2 x Apertures (4 and 8 mm diameter)
1 x White calibration standard